D'Addario Helicore Octave Violin Strings. SET

By D'Addario

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Steel on steel core. Octave tuning.

The Helicore Octave Violin Set is designed to be played one octave below traditional violin tuning for a new world of tonal and stylistic possibilities.

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10/07/2017 16:18
Birmingham, United Kingdom

Grade 8+

Perfect fit for confident adventurers
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Pros: Everything regarding product itself was as expected and according to the description.

Cons: If you accidentally take a violin with those strings equipped to an orchestra rehearsal... good luck~

Other: While playing them it is good to use viola or even cello bow as 8ve lower strings + same length = more mass to accelerate. It is easy to make dolce sound but to get the depth one need to try very hard and if someone doesn't know what to look for ('oh, new strings, never tried them before, let's just try them using standard technique. /after the while/ - oh, that's how they sound like. ok.') an uses standard violin bow, strings full potential will be never uncovered for them- making sweet sound is very easy, the focused one practically impossible. While using cello bow, sound is naturally more focused and sweetness is still possible with a very relaxed wrist (and hair tilt- obviously). Another playing tip - watch your left hand fingers. You need to press harder or experiment with different parts of the finger pressing in order to cover string properly and make a healthy sound. This relates to cello vibrato issues as well - string need to be pressed the entire time while vibrating. Don't forget to stay relaxed, otherwise hand gets tired of this quite easily. I personally use 'flat fingers' like while playing on viola rather than typical violin 'from the top' approach. The point of contact lies further away from the bridge- you need to be very precise about string you want to play (both with bow and left hand) as it's easy to hook sth accidentally. Playing 4 strings at the same time is no problem though (with cello bow)! This and the register makes the instrument more harmony rather than melody oriented. You can consider using standard violin E string from another set and/or using scordatura. This makes an enormous playing range as the middle register gap can be filled using harmonics. Double stops on A and E played simultaneously sound incredible this way, like two distinct voices yet with perfect blending after some vibrato and intonation practice. Bonus: E alone is not squeaky anymore as well regardless being standard pitch because of other strings adding depth. To conclude: Adapt your technique or you may feel a bit disappointed. It is totally worth it though!

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29/09/2017 14:36
Loughborough, United Kingdom

Keen Amateur

A 'C' String instead of an 'E' String Preferred.
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Pros: The A, D, and G Strings are in the same Octave as and do sound like a Cello which I liked.

Cons: Whilst I like the overall deep sound, I would have preferred there to have been a 'C' String supplied instead of an 'E' String. Then it would have fully lived up to it's popular name of the 'Chin Cello'. As it is, Three Strings that sound like a Cello out of the Four, isn't (Imo) enough.

Other: Only the immediate half inch of Material covered String area close to the Ball end needed to be 'Crimped' flatter to fit the 'G' String into the Tail piece Fine Tuner Grip. The same applies to the other end to thread it through the Peg Hole. The 'G' String Nut groove needed opening slightly too. The Nut and Bridge Grooves were coated with (Pencil) Graphite before tensioning the Strings.

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Ting Kuei
29/08/2017 13:36
Bedford, United Kingdom

Keen Amateur

Turn your spare violin into a cello!
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Pros: I am having so much fun playing Bach cello suites.

Cons: None

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03/10/2018 09:27
Tintagel, United Kingdom


Lovely reasonably priced strings. Ebow compatible

Pros: Strings are steel core so usable with an ebow....warm sound on my cold electric. Very quick to settle in

Cons: No single strings available at the time of this review

Other: Brilliant strings for my dull electric...requires slightly heavier/collé bowing style...my coda prodigy works best; also a five star stringzone purchase....only concern is that there aren't single replacement strings available at the time of this review. I had an unusual problem which was not the fault of stringzone and s/z and d'adario sorted it out very quickly. The strings also settle very quickly....proper job s/z! :-D

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13/04/2018 17:28
By Lairg, United Kingdom

Keen Amateur

As expected
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Pros: As expected

Cons: None

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