Innovation Braided Orchestral, SET

By Innovation

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Innovation Braided Orchestral Strings are particularly well suited for bowing, as they have a smooth chromesteel tape winding. But the core is braided nylon, which creates a more "old-timey" flavor to their pizz tone. So they would also work well for someone looking for a good bluegrass string.

​They have a deep, dark tone, which takes a lot of the brashness out of bowing. And the tension is optimized for bowing as well, when they were designed, Innovation focused on the ease of sound production and articulation both for pizzicato and arco.

Braided core. Chrome tape winding. Gut like sound and feel without the pitch unreliability of traditional gut. Medium Tension.

Note: Innovation strings do not contain any ferrous materials; They will not work with magnetic pickups, only piezo based pickups.

Customer reviews:

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Adam Wynter
03/10/2013 01:06
London, United Kingdom


Very cheap and very good
2 out of 2 found the following review helpful

Pros: These strings are very good for stiffer instruments or ones with a longer scale. I play a big five string bass at work and I can really feel the extra resonance with the lower tension. Pizz sound is fab too. And the price! Can't go wrong, really. Very easy on the left hand.

Cons: Perhaps a little too thick for solo playing - but if you want to play concertos, well, you should have picked the violin.

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18/01/2011 08:20
london, United Kingdom


instant happiness with innovation bass strings
4 out of 6 found the following review helpful

Pros: Feels like a light gauge string and very easy on the fingers. Lovely warm tone. My bass has a really high action but i can still play above the fifth on all the strings and get a good sound.

Cons: No cons for me with these strings.

Other: I found these strings made the bass easier to play and sounded better than the ones it came with

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