Innovation Polychrome Hybrid, SET

By Innovation

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Created in 2017 as a way to combine Innovation's signature pizzicato sound with more more arco-friendly qualities, the Polychrome Hybrid set delivers on all fronts!

Polychromes have a great feel under the fingers; slightly soft with a little give. The pizzicato one is gut-like in its timbre, with a strong fundamental. They bow VERY nicely, with a big and warm sound that is not too harsh, with excellent volume.

For the player that is doing a lot of performing in various genres with different tonal needs for each one, the Innovation Polychrome Hybrids will fit the bill nicely!

Braided core. Chrome tape winding. Gut like sound and feel without the pitch unreliability of traditional gut. Medium Tension

Note: Innovation strings do not contain any ferrous materials; They will not work with magnetic pickups, only piezo based pickups.

Customer reviews:

15/10/2021 07:53
Štanjel, Slovenia


Looking for a warmer sound & keeping bow response

Pros: very good low-tension compared to steel strings excellent bow response

Cons: 'different' harmonics response, not a real CON, but needs learning, quite different from steel strings

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