Jargar Classic Cello String, C

By Jargar

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Chrome wound on steel core.

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15/10/2011 15:24
North Shields, United Kingdom


Power, penetration and big volume! Forte C string.
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Pros: Having had such a good result with a Jargar forte A string on my old English cello, I was looking to replace the C string.When I put this string on, it immediately played well, and it's got better as it's played in a bit. The sound is huge, with very attractive overtones and the feel on the left hand is nice and smooth. The bow catches the string well so it's possible to play very quietly too on this string. It is a very powerful string and it suited my cello's sound enhancing it and the qualities I wanted. Although not the most expensive strings, Jargar's have solved a couple of long standing problems on my cello, which I mistakenly thought would be solved by throwing more and more money on the most expensive strings money can buy. From now on, I will be using Jargars on my A, G and C strings, and a Larsen on my D string. I would recommend people try them if they have a woolly or weak sound, or feel there just isn;t enough va va voom to their sound.

Cons: Jargar's in general can sound 'tinny' when they first go on, and this can put people off. They need quite a bit of playing in. After only an hour or so, they sound different. After a week they are just great. So don't let that initial sound put you off - the sound develops and you need to give your new Jargars a chance.

Other: Whilst other strings are making headway into the cello market, I still find Jargars very good indeed, and for some cellos they are the right string to use. Also I recommend using them in combination with other strings, so particularly think about the Jargar A string. It's bigger and brighter sounding than a Larsen, but feels very much like one to play. Always buy a spare, as they can break or slowly unravel.The forte C string is really good. Lots of power. I can really recommend it.

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11/06/2011 17:24
Maidenhead, United Kingdom


Right for me - pleased with tone.
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Pros: I had previously had what was described as a 'student' string (not from The String Zone. I am pretty ignorant about what is what, but this Jarger string is a heck of a lot better. Nicer tone, played OK from the start. Price seemed to relate fairly and proportionately to improvement - my student string, fitted, was £10.00.

Cons: None I'm aware of.

Other: String zone were helpful with advice re which version (dolce, medium, forte) I should have. My cello teacher, a professional player, asked me to get Jargar, so obviously rates them well. I'm only on my 10th lesson, but appreciate the improvement.

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12/03/2012 17:35
London, United Kingdom

Keen Amateur

Excellent service

Pros: Have not yet put this new string on, but have found Jargar strings very reliable in the past. The G and C are particularly resonant.

Cons: None so far

Other: Excellent delivery service by post without any hitch

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28/10/2012 09:21
London, United Kingdom


Fast delivery
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Pros: good quality

Cons: None

Other: Arrived really quickly to restring daughter's cello

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