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Jargar Superior Cello String, D

By Jargar

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All strings are ball end, full size, and medium tension unless specified.


Increased volume and power

Increased warmth and brilliance The solid steel core ensures tuning stability, easier response and faster playing-in time. Available in Forte, Medium and Dolce. Marked with yellow at peg end

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Rating Summary
11/11/2016 19:30
Bristol, United Kingdom


Nice sound, quick response and a good guage.

Pros: A great string. Quick to play in, and thicker than the standard Jargar. Nice sound, good projection and no noise. A little less bright than the Larsens, but a great string.

Cons: None

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02/01/2015 20:12
Bognor Regis, United Kingdom


love jargar, hoping the superiors are superior
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Pros: my go to string is normally the jargar forte, i've heard good things about the superior, it's a bit tinny at the moment but only on day 2 so fingers crossed... it's playing well at the moment, just hoping it's worth the extra money

Cons: at the moment, so harsh for small ensemble but hoping it will settle

Other: can't praise string zone high enough for their customer service

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