Jargar Classic Violin String, D

By Jargar

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* All strings are ball end, unless otherwise specified.


Chrome wound steel

The original Jargar string.


  • Chromesteel on steel
  • 3 tensions
  • Made in Denmark
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Customer reviews:

Rating Summary
30/08/2013 08:14
billericay, United Kingdom

Keen Amateur

Dolce sweet sound on my 19th century strad.

Pros: Bought jargar dolce D to make up set.G.D.and A with wondertone E these strings suit my violin well given a nice mellow tone.Previous strings Dominants and Zyex but I prefer the Dolce.Of course different strings suit violins or they don't, you have to experiment give these a try.I found both Dominant and Zyex unwound on the A usually, after a time.

Cons: Nothing.Waiting to see if they go the same way as the Dominants and Zyex

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31/12/2012 18:08
Rugby, United Kingdom

Keen Amateur

does exactly what it says on the tin
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Pros: When I bought this string it was all coiled up, out of shape and out of tune. It took quite a lot of messing about to alter it to the correct shape to fit my violin and a good deal more messing about to get it tuned correctly but it was all worth it cos now it sounds great. Very "D" ish.

Cons: nothing!

Other: I'd definately get another one! Not to put on my violin at the same time as this one, you understand, but if this one broke, or something, then I'd definately get another one. The violin doesn't sound the same without it.

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