Kaplan Amo Viola Strings, SET

By D'Addario

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Experience the advanced design of Kaplan strings with a wide ranging, colourful sound palette. Kaplan Amo provides warmth, richness, and flexibility for brighter instruments, while Kaplan Vivo delivers brilliance, clarity, and a robust feel for darker instruments. Both sets settle quickly, exhibiting a rich tonal color palette and superb bow response. Kaplan Forza, the stranded-steel core set, provides an even higher level of clarity and tonal focus, and quicker bow response and settling time.

Short break-in time and excellent bow response provides superb playability.

Long Scale for violas 16-16.5" back with a playing scale of 38cm (15").

Long scale, medium or high tension, medium and short scale medium tension only.

Synthetic core produces a rich, powerful tone.


  • Ideal for professionals
  • For violas with back length 16"+
  • Synthetic core
  • A - Aluminum wound
  • D - Silver wound
  • G - Silver wound
  • C - Silver wound
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Customer reviews:

Rating Summary
16/11/2016 14:31
Kinross, United Kingdom


An Excellent string with a distinctive voice.
4 out of 4 found the following review helpful

Pros: Kaplan Amo viola strings live up to the maker's description of being warm and responsive. The viola I chose them for is exceptionally mellow. The Kaplan retained this quality but added more volume and breadth.

Cons: Not really a con - the strings settled rapidly at first, then, about a week later, seemed to need more time. Since then,they now stay reliably in tune. The strings are described as having a "stranded core." This is not a problem as one rapidly adjusts to a different texture under the fingers. Oddly, it feels as though one is playing metal strings yet the sound and lower tension is similar to gut, but stronger.

Other: There is a different tactile feel between bow hair and string and the need for a little more rosin tan with other strings, Warchal Amber for instance.

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05/06/2022 11:51
London, United Kingdom



Pros: Settle down quickly and have dark, beautiful tone.

Cons: None

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28/05/2021 19:54
London, United Kingdom


Beautiful colour

Pros: rich, deep sound, settle down within 2-3weeks

Cons: None

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