Larsen Cello String, A

By Larsen

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The market leading professional cello string. Stainless steel wound in 3 tensions and fractional sizes.


  • Steel wound professional string.
  • Made in Denmark
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Customer reviews:

Rating Summary
18/03/2014 22:56
Lancaster, United Kingdom


Does the job.

Pros: It did just what I needed - gave me a softer A to go with the other strings which were standard Larsens, while retaining that lovely fat Larsen sound. I'd been using a Larsen soft, soloist A but found it too bright on my cello. Didn't need the soloist.

Cons: Nothing wrong with this particular string, but I'm finding that the navy blue spiral wrap round the orange binding has come loose on a couple of Larsens over time.

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21/02/2014 15:16
Maidenhead, United Kingdom

Keen Amateur

Laresen strings seem reliable

Pros: Clear but not harsh, responsive

Cons: maybe a little metallic, but is mellowing with playing

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04/02/2014 15:15
Richmond, United Kingdom

Keen Amateur

strings for cello

Pros: Wonderful! Service perfect. Will order soon G and C. Thanks a lot. Best D

Cons: Liked everything

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19/11/2013 16:56
Canterbury, United Kingdom

Keen Amateur

perfect match with 230 year old cello

Pros: on a Corsby cello from late C18 string sounds very well, suits the warm tone of the instrument and its dynamic range

Cons: no negative comment

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18/07/2013 19:34
Croydon, United Kingdom


An excellent string, quality throughout the length

Pros: I loved its immediacy and quality of tone from lowest note to highest. Will replace other strings with this brand that was recommended to me by a young player.

Cons: There was nothing I didn't like.

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12/06/2013 10:12
Bakewell, United Kingdom

Keen Amateur

A string enabling a lovely, full tone!
1 out of 2 found the following review helpful

Pros: I like this A string because of its beautiful, mellow tone. It was a great delight to me to hear a different depth of sound coming from my cello because of this string.

Cons: I have found they are quite delicate and can break unexpectedly which can prove costly! For this reason, I give a 4 instead of a 5.

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26/04/2013 21:33
Kirkintilloch, United Kingdom



Pros: Always a reliable string...sounds great as soon as it's fitted, no playing in necessary

Cons: High price!

Other: Very good service from stringzone....

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19/04/2013 15:21
Macclesfield, United Kingdom


I would choose no other.

Pros: Wonderful tone quality - it sings!

Cons: I have none

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21/02/2013 12:11
Godalming, United Kingdom

Keen Amateur

very speedy delivery

Pros: Perfect, just what I ordered

Cons: nothing adverse to say

Other: Competitive price and very speedy service

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14/02/2013 21:14
Camborne, United Kingdom


Super string. Speedy delivery. Excellent service

Pros: Having put the Larsen on I realised the string it replaced had sounded very 'thin'. The Larsen has a richness and sonority that brings the whole cello up a notch. I'll be replacing the D,G&C with Larsens as and when required.

Cons: no problems as yet

Other: The speed of delivery was amazing; ordered in the afternoon, delivered next morning.

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