Larsen Cello String, C

By Larsen

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* All strings are ball end, unless otherwise specified.


Larsen standard, the professional choice Tungsten on steel, 3 tensions and fractional sizes. See separate listing for 1/8-3/4 sizes.


  • Tungsten on steel
  • Made in Denmark
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Customer reviews:

Rating Summary
16/03/2016 01:55
Shetland, United Kingdom

Keen Amateur

Rich and powerful
1 out of 1 found the following review helpful

Pros: Rich, warm and powerful sound, with good definition

Cons: Takes a while to play in.

Other: This is a review of the light tension version. When first fitted this sounded terrible, really harsh. This nasty edge played out after a few minutes, but it remained rough and charmless for a few more hours playing, and I almost gave up on it. However, eventually a lovely rich, mellow tone emerged, which was well worth waiting for. It is very powerful, with a good balance of clarity and warmth, and has real depth of sound. I can't understand why this string is often ignored, unless people give up on it before it has played in fully.

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07/03/2011 09:50
Dunfermline, United Kingdom


Fantastic string!
2 out of 3 found the following review helpful

Pros: Very strong reliable string with good reverberating sound. Fantastic!

Cons: Have no problems with it at all

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14/04/2017 11:37
Warminster, United Kingdom

Keen Amateur

Larsen strings are the best!

Pros: I always go for Larsen strings. They make a fabulous sound- clear, clear, and resonant. Also from first minute they are good-looking - no having to play them in.

Cons: No cons.

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14/07/2016 12:30
Worcester, United Kingdom

Grade 8+

Good reliable quality

Pros: Good reliable quality, played in evenly

Cons: Price

Other: My son has been playing on Laresn strings for some time now and all but the A string have been great

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30/04/2014 10:24
St Neots, United Kingdom


Good choice.
1 out of 2 found the following review helpful

Pros: The 'soft' Larsen C suits my Benedikt Lang cello better than others I've tried, calming its slightly hard edged tone.

Cons: The price!

Other: It replaces a very expensive not-allowed-to-identify C I tried, which was fine but broke after a couple of months.

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20/02/2013 14:35
Chichester, United Kingdom

Grade 8+

An instrument changer.
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Pros: Bright tone with plenty of depth even when playing pianissimo.

Cons: None

Other: The lower end of my cello was lacking guts: a bit mushy sounding. My luthier suggested putting a Larsen on to correct this. This string certainly sorted that problem out. It has rebalanced the instrument. It sounds like a different cello and is a complete joy to play now.

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