Larsen Cello Strings. SET

By Larsen

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Full size, steel core string. The first choice of many professional players. The most popular professional grade cello strings. Big, warm sound with excellent focus and projection.

A and D strings are wound with a special precision rolled stainless steel flat wire. G and C strings are wound with tungsten, providing a deep, warm and focused sound with great power and personality. All four strings are offered in tensions soft, medium and strong.


  • Steel cored strings
  • Stainless steel wound A & D
  • Tungsten wound G & C
  • Made in Denmark
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Customer reviews:

Rating Summary
03/09/2013 10:04
Lancaster, United Kingdom



Pros: Clear and sweet, more string sound than bow noise

Cons: Nothing

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08/05/2013 19:32
Norwich, United Kingdom


just great

Pros: Excellent, a vast improvement in the sound of my cello

Cons: Definitely the price.

Other: A worthwhile investment

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05/02/2013 20:03
East Finchley, United Kingdom


Great sound

Pros: They improved the sound of a vey bad sounding, ordinary cello and now it sounds transformed.

Cons: They are very expensive

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19/01/2013 17:07
Shropshire, United Kingdom


The sound disappeared after a couple of weeks.
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Pros: The initial vibrancy and smoothness across all the registers and tone quality of C G and D strings.

Cons: A string was always disappointing on my cello .Lacked power and tone. The set went "OFF" very quickly, so too expensive to justify using them again.Very disappointed at the short lifespan.

Other: The strings were vibrant from the outset and I really liked them, but within a week or two the sound disappeared and I was back to square one. It is a huge amount of money to pay out for such a short string life. They are still ok but nothing like they were.I am going to be trying out some new sets next week. What a shame , they were so nice in the beginning but I just cant afford to replace them every two weeks!

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Mr Purdy
16/01/2013 23:54
Newtown, United Kingdom


Good but expensive

Pros: Good even response over full range but even the best strings will not make a poor instrument sound good.

Cons: Expensive

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16/11/2012 14:50
Antrim, United Kingdom

Keen Amateur

Absolutely excellent service

Pros: The beautiful tone and ease of tuning

Cons: None

Other: Very quick receipt of the strings from the string zone after placing my order

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09/10/2012 23:37
Brighton, United Kingdom

Keen Amateur

It was worth changing all strings

Pros: Lovely tone - I like it.

Cons: A bit too expensive.

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12/04/2012 12:48
London , United Kingdom

Keen Amateur

Rich sound! Speedy delivery! Highly recommended!

Pros: Gorgeous sound!!! Super-resonant, rich tones. I am especially delighted with the sound of the A string, which is lovely and luscious, and not the usual whiny A string! So very happy! And, these are my favourite cello strings! Highly recommended!!!!

Cons: The C string is a bit hard to control...almost too resonant.

Other: Super-speedy delivery!Strings arrived the next day! Fantastic service! Thank you so much!

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01/03/2012 18:01
BS9 2BQ, United Kingdom


Very good service.. Highly recommended.

Pros: Recommended by cello teacher. Good value and prompt service.

Cons: Nothing

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02/03/2011 22:44
Leeds, United Kingdom

Keen Amateur

Lovely, reliable strings. The top choice.

Pros: Straightforward to fit - I tuned them about a tone low in the evening, up to full pitch in the morning. They settled straight away with very little fine tuning needed. Immediately the strings were warm-toned and a joy to play on.

Cons: Nothing negative.

Other: Still my favourite strings. At #150 very good value!

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