Larsen Il Cannone Soloist Violin Strings, SET

By Larsen

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* All strings are ball end, unless otherwise specified.

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Premium quality synthetic core strings. Superlative performance in the most demanding settings. Multi fibre synthetic core. 4/4 only. Soloist tension.


  • E - carbon steel - removable ball end
  • A - Aluminium on synthetic core.
  • D - Silver on synthetic core.
  • G - Silver on synthetic core
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Customer reviews:

Rating Summary
29/02/2020 20:21
West Norwood, United Kingdom


Top notch - really worth a try.
6 out of 6 found the following review helpful

Pros: These are my current (Feb 2020) favourite. On my instrument they are even, silky, bold but with a slight edginess which I really like. If you try them do include the 'E' which works really well along with the set and sounds round even in first position.

Cons: The D string has occasional manufacturing issues where the central core wires don't sit snugly around the ball but that doesn't seem to affect the overall performance.

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Mr smith
29/06/2019 10:35
Scunthorpe, United Kingdom

Keen Amateur

Great strings
3 out of 4 found the following review helpful

Pros: Good clear and strong sound. I proffered the balance when II used the warm broad A string

Cons: None

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29/05/2024 09:29
London, United Kingdom


have really warm sound and help to motivate.

Pros: warm

Cons: None

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15/07/2023 21:32
Hexham, Northumberland, United Kingdom


Larsen Il Cannone solo ,worth a try!

Pros: The medium tension of the strings will work well with some instruments and there is an evenness across the four strings (btw. Stick with the Larsen e string!).

Cons: Rather unstable strings which I found surprising. I misguidedly thought that things would improve once the strings had settled in.

Other: Nonetheless, these are good strings which I will stick with for now!

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Graham Clark
07/04/2023 22:40
Buxton, United Kingdom


Great-sounding, long-lasting affordable strings

Pros: Focused powerful affordable strings that last a long time, though I am blessed with non-sweaty fingers, and I wipe them down all the time.

Cons: Nothing

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18/01/2023 21:37
Wells, United Kingdom


Mellow tone and easy to play double stops

Pros: D string is more mellow so volume and depth of tone are more balanced over the four strings. With my previous strings, the D string was much louder than the other three strings. Double stops are easier to produce.

Cons: I prefer a little more brilliance.

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