Larsen Magnacore Arioso Cello Strings, SET

By Larsen

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Specially blended medium tension A and D together with the lower tension G and C


  • Metal cored strings
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25/06/2019 15:12
Deganwy, United Kingdom

Keen Amateur

Not cheap but among the best strings available
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Pros: Well balanced set with overtone-rich timbre. C and G are easier to excite than others I have tried (e.g. Spirocore Tungsten medium) I find that the relatively lower tension of the lower strings frees the naturally D string to speak more prominently than in higher tension sets. The A string sings very smoothly in upper registers, despite a slight brightness or plangency of the open A. The strings are well made, with a pleasing balance if smoothness and frictional resistance to the left hand, and durable, I have never broken one of this brand. On balance I like the tonal palette which offers a range from brightly focussed to darkly diffuse at a range of dynamic levels. Control of articulation is facilitated by easy excitation and tolerance of a wide range of bow speeds and weights through the full range of contact points.

Cons: Cello strings are very expensive and this model is one of the dearest. I nurse a lingering suspicion that cellists are singled out for predatory pricing as Double Bass string sets ( longer and thicker) are typically about the same price as the same brand of cello strings. When new these strings can be a little harsh sounding especially on open strings or in the high register.

Other: These strings seem to last quite well, I usually change roughly every six months, but I have sometimes stretched thatvto 9 months while retaining playability and tone. Of course the new strings sound better!

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03/06/2019 17:10
Parma Heights, United States

Grade 8+

Arioso strings

Pros: Fast to play in.

Cons: It is expensive.

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