Larsen Magnacore Cello String, A

By Larsen

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Solid steel core with flat metal winding. Specially formulated to match the Magnacore G & C.


  • Steel on steel core.
  • 2 tensions.
  • Made in Denmark
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Customer reviews:

Rating Summary
29/04/2015 20:50
London, United Kingdom

Keen Amateur

A fine 'A' string.
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Pros: A rich clear sound across the full register of notes. Good usable sound in the highest register, unlike many other 'A's.

Cons: Has lost some of the lovely sweetness of the plain Larsen 'A', a trade-off against the more full sound of the Magnacore.

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15/07/2016 17:37
East Grinstead, United Kingdom


Set of Larsen Magnacore recently bought (Arioso G)

Pros: The A and D where well stretched, sounded good straight away, easy to play, better than expected.

Cons: The C and G do not seem as good as my very old tireless spirocore tungsten C, though I have only played these new ones for a week. Hopefully things will improve - the sound is still very tinny, especially the Arioso G.

Other: Good speedy cheap delivery. The full set of Larsen Magnacore recently bought included Tungsten Arioso G and Tungsten normal C.

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27/01/2016 16:19
Sidmouth, United Kingdom

Keen Amateur

A good A in the right company

Pros: Big bold sound

Cons: Didn't suit my cello or the other three strings (Evah Pirazzi Gold)

Other: I'm sure Magnacore would be fine for Larsen lovers. It's a powerful string.

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