Larsen Soloist's Edition Cello, A String

By Larsen

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Larsen Soloist's edition, steel core A string with stainless steel winding. Larsen Soloist Edition cello strings complement the Original range. Purpose designed for enhanced projection and volume particularly at the higher harmonics. Slightly higher tension than the standard, Original string to accept enhance bow pressure.

Soloist edition strings are based on a solid steel core, but different in properties and dimensions from their regular counterparts. The A and D strings are wound with precision rolled stainless steel flat wire, the G string with tungsten.


  • Steel core
  • Stainless steel winding
  • Three available tensions
  • Made in Denmark
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Customer reviews:

Rating Summary
31/07/2014 22:46
Swansea, United Kingdom


Lovely sound

Pros: Bought for my sons on recommendation of their teacher as they are working towards grade 8, they are delighted with them and feel they are making a better sound.

Cons: None

Other: Sorry cannot be specific, I am not musical at all but my children assure me they are much much better than the previous strings (which were not cheap either) so they must be good!

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11/05/2014 07:13
BUXTON, United Kingdom



Pros: It gives me immediate sound and resonance but the softness warms it and helps balance the strong bottom end the Magnacores now give me - cello was hitherto top heavy and slightly sharp sounding and shouty

Cons: The limitations of my own technique apart, nothing!

Other: Makes my cello ring

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27/02/2014 19:44
Felixstowe, United Kingdom


Definately worth a good look.

Pros: Good clear sound which 'carries' very well without any effort. I would definitely use this for solo work that needs to stand out. In general playing, this string would give great balance for an instrument which would normally be a bit weak on the treble side.

Cons: 'Soloist' is right - this string on a good instrument means there is nowhere to hide and you need to feel confident about ! But this combination is a bit strong for orchestral playing where the Standard string is a bit better.

Other: Like all the Larsen A and D strings, this is a quality string and definitely worth trying.

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02/10/2013 07:08
Lancaster, United Kingdom


Great for a softer sound
1 out of 2 found the following review helpful

Pros: My original A string was shrill, and this one solved the problem - softer and much easier on the ear.

Cons: Nothing

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14/01/2013 15:50
Deal, United Kingdom

Grade 8+

Made a real difference to the sound - more depth

Pros: I bought this for my son who loved it and feels it made a real difference to the sound of his cello playing

Cons: Nothing

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14/12/2012 18:49
Gloucester, United Kingdom


Excellent company

Pros: Good sound

Cons: Nothing

Other: Prompt delivery

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14/09/2012 10:51
Todmorden, United Kingdom

Grade 8+

Rich sound even in the high registers

Pros: An excellent string, quick to settle down and great response/sound across the higher registers. I have been testing different strings for a new instrument and the Larsen A is clearly one of the best (specially combined with Larsen wire core G and C!)

Cons: Nothing

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04/07/2012 22:39
west yorkshire, United Kingdom

Grade 8+

Larsen Soloist (cello) - lovely warm sound

Pros: I have bought a Larsen (Soloist) set before, and tried Pirazzi's and Obligato's inbetween, and found myself going back to Larsen. The sound is so clear, sweet, warm and vibrant on my (c.1830) cello, and (for me) exceeds the others. They don't need any play-in, and are very consistent. Although they don't last as long as I would like, this has also been the case with other strings I've tried. I would definately recommend.

Cons: none.

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mr r a barrell
19/06/2012 09:33
belvedere, United Kingdom

Keen Amateur

best A string I have used to date

Pros: good full rich tone

Cons: no cons

Other: i have only just fitted the string. it was the easiest string i have ever fitted as well. i have only played this new string so far for about 1 hour and am so far very impressed with the sound.

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14/05/2012 15:42
Oxford, United Kingdom


Will replace like for like.

Pros: Stayed remarkably well in tune when newly put on.

Cons: Was a little harsh for about first 5 hard sessions of play

Other: Haven't had it long enough to judge reliability or staying power.

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