Larsen Viola String, C

By Larsen

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Silver wound on stranded fibre core.

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28/03/2012 22:19
London, United Kingdom

Keen Amateur

Clear, bright sound
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Pros: Clear, bright, easy to fit and tune, no wolf notes yet, plays well with other branded strings

Cons: Er... bit pricey for an amateur I suppose but depending on your play style it's worth it!

Other: I was STUNNED by the difference this immediately made to my playing. I was using Corelli Crystals before, which give a nice sweet sound on the higher strings but the C is fluffy and woolly. The Larsen C is clear, bright and responds very quickly to the bow, and harmonises well with my still-Corelli G. I instantly sounded better and more professional, and that has to be a miracle!! As an added plus it was dead easy to fit and tune, and stays in tune very well too. As long as it lasts a reasonable amount of time (it should, it's very well-made) this is definitely worth the money.

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26/09/2019 19:57
Glasgow, United Kingdom



Pros: Comfortable feel. Quick to respond and easy to maintain a good tone.

Cons: None

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