Larsen Virtuoso Viola String, D

By Larsen

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22/05/2019 20:51
Norfolk, United Kingdom


Very good new(ish) synthetic string from Larsen

Pros: Despite being the higher tension version, these strings still feel easy and flexible to play under the fingers, with a good response. They produce a reasonably focused sound without being overly bright. They are great to play on and can provide a little more volume than most.

Cons: On my viola it isn't quite as good in the higher positions as the G & C - although it may well be a setup thing. My viola is relatively new and may well need a new soundpost.

Other: FYI: I have a warm sounding viola and was looking for a string to help it's projection without being too tight under the fingers... I'd previously also liked strings like Warchal Amber and Evah Golds. I've been using this string alongside the Larsen virtuoso G & C but with an Evah Gold A.

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02/03/2019 11:05
Birmingham, United Kingdom


Unplayable after 2 weeks

Pros: I love the sound of this string. Velvet yet well defined.

Cons: The string cane unwound in 2 weeks right at the bridge and I had to replace it. Money wasted and I’ll hav to think long and hard abou buying another Larsen D again because the are pricey.

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