Leatherwood Rosin

By Leatherwood

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Handcrafted premium rosin made in Australia to exacting standards. 3 grades to suit a variety of situations, 'Bespoke' range.

A blend of natural resins mounted in a wood base. The long format for applying sparingly in a full length stroke. Wrapped in artisan cured deer leather.


  • Made in Australia.
  • Crisp: for forthright sound
  • Supple: for a darker sound
  • Baroque: for plain gut strings
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Customer reviews:

Rating Summary
Christian Passy
24/02/2018 16:02
Cheltenham, United Kingdom

Keen Amateur

Extremely high quality product in every way.
5 out of 6 found the following review helpful

Pros: Presentation of the product: 5 stars+++ Attack: 5 stars+++ Power: 5 stars++ Clarity: 5 stars+++ Articulation of ordinary notes and harmonics (extraordinary): 5 stars+++++ Surface noise (all but gone): 5 stars+ Crispness: 5 stars+++ Cleanness: 5 stars++ Lack of whistling e (gone unless playing very badly: 5 stars++ Increase in colours: 5 stars+++ Increase in woody tones: 5 stars++ Smoothness: 5 stars+++ Playability: 5 stars+ Increasing/awakening instrument's ability to articulate in certain ranges: 5 stars++ Awakening of the g string: 5 stars+++

Cons: None.

Other: It's beautiful to look at, and hand made. That would not have mattered if it had not worked well. But it is a pleasure, and I gather it'll last 10 years with occasional use.

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09/06/2021 09:44
London, United Kingdom


Surprisingly good!

Pros: It is the first time that I payed more attention to the rosin quality. That rosin truly transformed my opinion what should I look for in my future purchases . The rosin feels extremely smooth on the bow hair, yet produces strong and sonorous sound. It does everything that I never heard my bow could do ( it feels that I bought a new bow but a rosin). Anyhow, I highly recommend that one should invest in similar quality rosin than the standard one. It makes such a huge difference in the sound and the agility of the bow!

Cons: None

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19/05/2021 22:40
London, United Kingdom

Grade 8+

Best ever

Pros: Sweet sharp tone produced

Cons: No complaints

Other: After using this rosin , never want to switch or try others

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27/06/2019 07:49
Basildon, United Kingdom


Best Rosin available !*****

Pros: Focused sound , rich and clear !

Cons: None

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