Leg Member for Wolf Shoulder Rest.

By Wolf

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Single leg member for violin and viola Wolf rests.


  • Sold singly.

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04/10/2014 22:22
reading, United Kingdom

Grade 8+

Useful especially if replacing older design
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Pros: Item arrived promptly. I think the current design is better than the older one I needed to replace because the new rubber foot tubes are longer then the old black ones and provide padding against the sides and back of the violin (the original leg members had short black rubber foot tubes to pad the edge of the violin and small, round rubber pads attached to the old leg member to pad the back of the violin, though as these aged they got squashed and harder). Finally buying leg members only is a saving compared to replacing the whole shoulder pad. The screws are identical.

Cons: Nothing against this. But if you already have leg members with the long, yellow(ish) rubber foot tubes, you may only need to replace the rubber foot tubes if they're getting a bit chafed, not the whole leg member.

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10/07/2019 16:36
London, United Kingdom


Excellent replacement for Wolf shoulder rest legs

Pros: The spare legs for willy wolf forte primo shoulder rests were an excellent replacement. I highly recommend them. I had previously tried putting spare rubber feet on to replace the perished originals, but found that very difficult, (they wouldn't go round the corner). The spare leg member just needed be screwed on (after the old one was unscrewed) and it was ready. An affordable solution at £6 per leg which meant I didn't have to buy a new shoulder rest. They fit both violin and viola shoulder rests :-)

Cons: Nothing to dislike.

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05/01/2018 17:26
Midlands, United Kingdom


Satisfied with purchase

Pros: The leg member fit the shoulder rest perfectly and the description on the website fit the product accurately.

Cons: None

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19/03/2014 12:11
Edinburgh , United Kingdom


Wolf rest

Pros: They are great, Thanks!

Cons: None

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