Mach One Viola Shoulder Rest. Maple

By Mach One

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Small: Lower bout 222-245 mm
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As plastic model but with hand carved solid maple frame for maximum tonal benefit. Fully adjustable for height. Suede leather padding. An ergonomic design which gives a securely located feel. Sized according to the width of the lower bout, not the length of the back. Available in three widths to fit most viola models.


  • Maple frame
  • Suede leather padding.
  • Made in Canada
  • Longer legs available separately

Customer reviews:

Rating Summary
Dr Sackman
17/09/2013 13:58
Nottingham, United Kingdom

Keen Amateur

The essentials are right.
8 out of 8 found the following review helpful

Pros: I play a 16.5-inch viola which is weighty and, predictably, always wants to swing round and fall to the right. Despite the wooden solidity of this shoulder-rest it is actually extraordinarily light, much lighter than a metal-frame rest which I was using previously. Because I have a long neck the supplied legs were far too short and so I had to additionally order the longest (33mm) KUN legs. The legs cut their own thread inside the holes (three each end) which are drilled in the shoulder-rest’s ‘pedestals’, and although the various combinations of holes give some variability of width it does also mean that the ‘hooked’ part of the rest changes its position on the player’s shoulder as one changes which combination of holes is being used. The padding is very thin, and so, if (like me) you have bony shoulders and a protruding collarbone, this shoulder-rest will undoubtedly feel quite painful. Since, even with the longest legs, I was still short of the necessary vertical distance to avoid having to raise my left shoulder (or push down with my chin) I added some same-width black foam padding from a cast-off shoulder rest, held on (at the moment) with rubber bands. This was particularly necessary in order to get the right-hand end of the rest to sit on my chest rather than just floating in mid-air. I now have the ‘grips’ fitting around my viola’s bottom plate quite loosely and yet the rest shows absolutely no sign of wanting to fall off (the KUN ‘arms’ are beneficially rather wider than those found on other rests). This is a rest which requires a lot of careful experimentation, and perhaps some extra-cost modifications, to find the optimum position for each player. It is undeniably very expensive, but cheaper models which have limited width and/or height adjustment may often cause more harm than good, and the shoulder-rest (just like the chin-rest) has to fit as perfectly as possible with the unique bone and muscle structure of each individual player.

Cons: See above for pros and cons.

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15/12/2012 12:35
Devizes, United Kingdom

Grade 8+

Very comfortable and secure
5 out of 5 found the following review helpful

Pros: Extremely comfortable - tried the regular and the hook versions - settled on the hook as it feels very secure. No detachable parts to come adrift at crucial moments in a concert (don't ask). Improved the sound and resonance of my viola: an unexpected but much appreciated bonus.

Cons: I found the supplied feet a bit slippery. Changed them for feet (same thread) from another brand which improved the grip considerably - I don't think I'm allowed to mention the make by name, but it has three letters!

Other: Hook version doesn't seem very widely available at the moment but The Stringzone couldn't have been more helpful in sourcing one in the correct size.

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24/05/2012 11:43
Liverpool, United Kingdom

Grade 8+

Good but poor grip
4 out of 4 found the following review helpful

Pros: Comfortable Fit- can't fault it.

Cons: the feet tend to slip if you have new varnish on your viola. Would be better with feet like KUN.

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03/09/2013 19:30
Warminster, United Kingdom

Keen Amateur

Elegant, light and comfortable! Peter Mach cares!
3 out of 3 found the following review helpful

Pros: It is elegant, light and comfortable, just as advertised, but I was foolish to buy it online without trying it out first. I was not aware of the different height options and when it arrived it was too low for comfort. I was told by the String Zone that since it was a special order it could not be changed.

Cons: The shoulder rest itself was excellent but the online description was inadequate and the different height options should have been made clear.

Other: When the shoulder rest arrived and was too low for me I emailed Peter Mach in Canada. He was wonderful and could not have been more helpful. Without any charge (even though I had not bought the shoulder rest from him)he sent me some additional feet which raised the height substantially. I could do with even more but have made it work with a duster pad. I cannot thank him enough.

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04/03/2012 13:53
Alford, United Kingdom

Keen Amateur

The most comfortable on the market!
3 out of 3 found the following review helpful

Pros: I love this shoulder rest - it's the most comfortable viola rest I have used to date and having tried a friend's I had to buy one myself. It never falls off, never slips and I never have to wriggle to get it comfy. I can play for hours without any stress in my shoulder and arm. I would thoroughly recommend it!

Cons: I'm not allowed to leave this blank so .... maybe folding feet would be an added bonus but it fits into my BAM case without any problem.

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16/04/2013 09:53
Bideford, United Kingdom


Sculptural look and very effective support
2 out of 3 found the following review helpful

Pros: Brilliant support,I am now able to hold my very large viola entirely on my shoulder..this is a lifesaver as my thumb has serious health issues.As stated on reviews I read prior to purchase the feet slip but I was able to swap with my grippy if less attractive feet from my old shoulder rest..the 3 lettered variety..The rest looks great..Well worth the money

Cons: The feet slip

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