Mach One Violin Shoulder Rest, Maple

By Mach One

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The Mach One Maple version is very much as the plastic model but with hand carved solid maple frame for maximum tonal benefit.

The unique ergonomic design of the Mach One gives a very secure location which will suit those who like an accurate fit.

Also available as a hooked version, which has extra curvature for additional anchorage over the shoulder.

NB. Pad colour is black or beige as available. If you require a particular colour please call us for availability


  • Fully adjustable for height.
  • Suede leather padding.
  • An ergonomic design which gives a securely located feel.
  • Standard or hooked version

Customer reviews:

Rating Summary
31/01/2011 12:13
Aberdeen, United Kingdom

Grade 8+

Feels light on shoulder and let's music flow.
10 out of 10 found the following review helpful

Pros: It is light and contorted to fit shoulder very well. As it is made of wood I feel it does not disturb the flow of vibrations like metal and plastic.

Cons: It slips off quite easily.

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04/06/2011 14:07
Bridgnorth, United Kingdom


A great find
9 out of 9 found the following review helpful

Pros: I tried this as soon as it arrived, expecting it to take a while to get used to the feel of it, but immediately I noticed a difference in the tone of my violin. It gave me much more freedom in my left arm allowing it to come across the body far more easily so that I could produce a full tone when playing high up the strings. It is light and attractive

Cons: I havent come across any yet.

Other: I was dubious about spending so much on a shoulder rest but I am so glad I did.It's good to have an accessory made and designed to a similar standard of craftmanship as an instrument.

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28/08/2011 21:29
Thirsk, United Kingdom


A comfortable shoulder rest that works for me
7 out of 7 found the following review helpful

Pros: The contours seem to fit well with the shoulder making it instantly 'comfortable'. Having a suede finish also stops any feeling of slipping so increasing a feeling of security. Although the security feeling is strong, it does not feel rigid and you are able to move the shoulder and arm very flexibly giving a good sense of freedom.

Cons: The maple version is expensive - but I used the cheaper, plastic version first while I decided whether or not I liked it enough to make it a permanent change. Deciding to pay the extra for the maple was because, like most plastic rests, after a time there is a tendency for the feet/legs to bend outwards so the rest starts to fall off more frequently.

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12/05/2015 11:16
Market Harborough, United Kingdom


A great find
2 out of 2 found the following review helpful

Pros: I have succeeded in finding comfort without using a foam-padded rest. The unexpected bonus is that my violin sounds better than ever before and the maple version is both attractive and lightweight.

Cons: The only way to stop the Mach One from slipping is to set it up for a very tight fit. So far the instrument has not shown any new marks, but fitting this rest does take a bit longer.

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03/05/2013 15:07
Leicester, United Kingdom

Keen Amateur

Still looking.
3 out of 4 found the following review helpful

Pros: Attractive to look at.

Cons: I found the width (3mm) too narrow for comfort. The height adjustment screw at one end far too slack. A metal sleeve would probably have been better. Considering the price not particularly impressed.

Other: I have a collection of 5 shoulder rests none of which are 100% satisfactory. I think I need one to be tailor made to suit me. Am I alone ?

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30/12/2014 14:25
Chichester, United Kingdom

Keen Amateur

Top quality
1 out of 1 found the following review helpful

Pros: Beautifully made and nicely shaped to fit the shoulder. A slight improvement on the non-hooked version. Also looks good.

Cons: For me this was a bit too narrow, so wasn't the most comfortable or secure rest I have tried.

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08/10/2019 21:36
Southsea, United Kingdom

Keen Amateur

Excellent well crafted non slip rest

Pros: Comfortable ergonomic design fits the shoulder like a hook so there is no slipping.

Cons: None

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02/01/2017 14:23
Gloucester, United Kingdom


Great purchase

Pros: Very comfortable. I had the original for years but this one really has freed up my arm. I would highly recommend it.

Cons: Nothing

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06/06/2013 19:31
London, United Kingdom


Mach One Review
2 out of 4 found the following review helpful

Pros: Definitiely improved sound compared to my old shoulder rest. Aesthetically pleasing to look at.

Cons: Less flexible than my old shoulder rest and still a tendency to slide off (though that's probably as I am gripping far too hard whilst playing!)

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