Morawetz Violin / Viola Chinrest.

By Gewa

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Viola chin rest - Boxwood
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Popular low pattern with emphatic lip, fairly shallow plate. Available in ebony or boxwood.


  • Solid Rosewood, Boxwood or Ebony

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Howard Faircloth
09/07/2013 20:42
Exeter, United Kingdom

Keen Amateur

Has a substantial 'lip' for jaw.
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Pros: Made of good quality materials.

Cons: This rest is smaller than previous ones I have used, I am not sure it is a drawback as in practice this makes little difference.

Other: The 'lip' the jaw rests over is too high for me and I now know the Dresden is better. Choosing a suitable chin rest and shoulder rest is an essential and frequently overlooked basis for playing. There is no substitute for trying different types, much as is done with bows.

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20/03/2015 00:16
Croydon, United Kingdom

Keen Amateur

Ordered Gewa but received Morawetz
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Pros: NB I did not receive the Morawetz in Rosewood as I ordered, but a Gewa rest of a similar design. Didn't realise this immediately or would have sent it back. But it is still on the old fiddle. Nice wood, nice finish, adds a touch of class, which is what I wanted. The fixings are solid and nice and not too intrusive.

Cons: Like all wooden Gewa chinrests I have tried, the corners are all a little too sharp (except for where they are very rounded). I guess Gewa do this so that you have the option of filing / sanding it down, yourself, which I definitely need to get round to doing as this sort of angle will give you injuries after extensive, sustained playing. More importantly, the overhang arch doesn't clear the tailpiece very well. However, am unsure as to whether I should file this to clear the tailpiece, because - in a plot twist - this contact and subsequent interaction with the rosewood tail piece (Pusch with built-in tuners) I have recently purchased and fitted seems to produce a nice overall tonal effect. Either that or the violin needed time to settle down.

Other: I received a Gewa chin rest, not a Morawetz chin rest.

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03/03/2012 22:35
Aberfeldy, United Kingdom

Keen Amateur

See above
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Pros: I purchased the chin rest for a fiddle which I was selling therefore I am not in a position to make any comments

Cons: See above

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