Pirastro Cellisto Rosin

By Pirastro

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Dark rosin for cello.

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19/01/2011 20:51
Crieff, United Kingdom

Keen Amateur

Pleasant and perfect Pirastro!
9 out of 9 found the following review helpful

Pros: Pirastro Cellisto Rosin is pleasant to use - no vigorous rubbing required. It glides easily onto the bow in a few strokes, holds it's shape and doesn't crumble. Use sparingly - this is good rosin and doesn't need to be overdone. It will last for years and is relatively inexpensive.

Cons: There was one tiny thing that could have made this great rosin even better - a little bag or a better box to keep it in...mine fell apart as it's made from cardboard. I popped mine in a jewellery cloth bag and this worked well.

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24/03/2014 23:01
Bushmills, United Kingdom


A quality rosin that is one of the best available.
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Pros: Have been usung this rosin for a number of years as I have found that its particular properties help to enhance the quality of tone from the instrument. More expensive than some other rosins, the extra cost is worth paying when it helps to produce such a pleasing tome from the imstrument. Would always recommend pupils of intermediate to advanced standard to buy this product.

Cons: Box could be more robust to give it more protection. Otherwise, all other comments are positive.

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12/04/2021 19:41
Liverpool, United Kingdom


Great service, very happy!

Pros: It was for my daughter, she is very pleased with the rosin

Cons: None.

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30/01/2018 22:01
Edgware, United Kingdom


Quality Rosin

Pros: Pirastro Cellisto Rosin is excellent, lasts well and gives good grip. My old rosin was many years old and down to its last fragments, and had lost any grip it once had. Although Pirastro Cellisto Rosin might be considered somewhat expensive, it is well worth it.

Cons: None

Other: The rosin comes with a separate box which you must construct, but this is a pleasant and very modest challenge for those who, like me, enjoy such things.

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29/04/2017 15:28
Newtownards, United Kingdom

Grade 8+

Good solid rosin that doesn't break the bank.

Pros: Long lasting and easy to apply.

Cons: Plastic box can fall apart after a while in the case leaving the rosin more exposed to damage in transit.

Other: Reinforcing box with tape will make it last longer instead of falling apart.

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Mrs Susan Pluthero
10/01/2017 08:21
Ashford, United Kingdom

Keen Amateur

Good quality product.

Pros: Sticks to bow well, and tone seems to be improved. Not the cheapest, but worth paying a bit extra for.

Cons: No cons.

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12/08/2016 16:33
Harrogate, , United Kingdom

Keen Amateur

Super fast and reliable.

Pros: Excellent service. Needed urgently so paid for fast delivery one afternoon and it had arrived by lunchtime next day!

Cons: none

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03/12/2015 22:30
Wirral, United Kingdom


Very fine

Pros: I followed my teacher's advice who only buys Pirastro rosin, and am now very satisfied with the sound that the instrument produces.

Cons: The cardboard box might not last very long. I will have to find a sturdier recipient to store and carry my rosin around with me.

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