Pirastro Chorda Cello Strings, SET.

By Pirastro

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Set of 4 strings in medium gauge for Baroque and Classical instruments

Please note. These strings do NOT have ball ends and are not designed for use with fine tuners on the tailpiece. These can damage the knot of the string and lead to breaking. Tuning should be confined to the pegs only. Please ensure this product meets your requirements prior to purchase.


  • A-Plain gut 21PM
  • D-Plain gut 29PM
  • G-Silverplated copper on gut. 27.5 PM
  • C-Silverplated copper on gut. 36 PM
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Customer reviews:

Rating Summary
20/06/2011 18:27
East Barnet, United Kingdom


Beautiful but some awkward snags
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Pros: Great sound on A and D, bit difficult the lower 2 to make them speak at fast semis.

Cons: Lower 2 strings but especially C the winding is awkward, shifts are noisy. Also, 5ths between D and G are out of tune.

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18/03/2013 19:34
London, United Kingdom


Not recommended
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Pros: Unfortunately I didn't like these strings at all.

Cons: These strings are not great. When new they loose a silly amount of pitch very quickly and the bottom 2 are so loose they regularly collide with each other.

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