Pirastro Chorda Viola Strings. SET

By Pirastro

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Set of 4 strings designed for Baroque and Classical playing. A & D plain gut. G & C silverplated copper on gut. For authentic period performance. Strings in medium tension. See individual strings for alternative tensions.


  • A -plain gut, 14.5PM
  • D-plain gut, 19.5PM
  • G-silverplated copper on gut, 16.5PM
  • C-silverplated copper on gut, 22.5PM
  • 1 PM=0.05mm, e.g. 14PM=0.7mm diameter
  • Made in Germany
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Customer reviews:

Rating Summary
17/05/2011 06:43
Cardiff, United Kingdom


Good, but costly.
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Pros: Baroque instrumental music is very much a niche corner. For string players who wish to take the final step and go fully baroque it is essential to have the right equipment - and that, of course, means a baroque setup instrument with the right strings. Pirastro Chorda are first class. They produce a warm, distortion-free tone that remains even across the entire range, both pitch and dynamic, of the instrument. This, however, comes at a price. Look after them and they will last well, but don’t expect them to have the life span of modern-style strings.

Cons: The treble strings are un-knotted. It's not a major problem, but I can't see why they don't provide the knot-and-loop that are on the bass strings.

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14/02/2017 18:15
New Malden, United Kingdom

Keen Amateur


Pros: Sped of delivery

Cons: .

Other: not used to using such strings - they took about a week to settle down, especially the gut D

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Mr Tim Griffiths
19/03/2015 07:26
Alton, United Kingdom


Smooth strings that work well
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Pros: Considerably cheaper than bespoke makers strings. Very smooth sound.

Cons: Single lengths on all strings. Some competitors (Savorez/Aquila) double lengths of upper strings so can be cheaper.

Other: A good all round option

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24/12/2013 07:16
Marijampole, Lithuania


Good ware.
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Pros: Excellent !

Cons: Nothing.

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01/11/2013 13:32
Sligo, Ireland


Thanks,im very happy to shopping with Stringzone..
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Pros: ...they sounds great...

Cons: ...it was not clearly pointed,that the strings are loop ends...also it was no mentioned about the size and option of smaller sizes for students in this case...but there may wasnt other option...havent cooperate with stringzone before,it was my first purchase...

Other: However,i was very happy to shopping with you and i bought the other set for student viola...i will shopping with you definately...strings for my violin,my viola or accessories when i will need...im very happy with the prompt reaction and safe delivery...well done King Regards, Eva Stevkova.

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