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Pirastro Eudoxa Cello String, C

By Pirastro

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Sterling silver on gut.

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07/01/2019 18:05
Telford, United Kingdom


A pliable, warm string that blends well.

Pros: The string is light and flexible and creates a warm sound.

Cons: It was a bit wooly to begin with,before it was played-in and I had to experiment with some string changes to get the tension of the whole set balanced!

Other: I replaced an Oliv C string with the Eudora C string, (Oliv was very strong and focused), but I prefer the reedy sound of the Eudoxa C at the moment and I have a whole Eudoxa light set on my cello. I changed the strong gauge A Eudoxa for a pure gut string, yesterday and the Eudoxa C string has mellowed with the new combination and I love it!.

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17/04/2013 09:54
SYDNEY, Australia


very stable and reliable
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Pros: ive used since 1970s for all my playing i realise new brands have come but i m a traditional gut string lover for warmth of sound thru the cello I ve recorded 4 top selling albums on Eudoxas

Cons: on my new cello just made by Thomas Roth england doesnt quite fit but maybe because still new string

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