Pirastro Eudoxa-Oliv Viola String, C

By Pirastro

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Tungsten and silver on gut. For all violas with a playing scale of 35-39cm.For maximum power combined with warmth. Knot end Not suitable for use with fine tuners

Packet shown for illustrative purposes only. These strings are stored by us straight but shipped lightly coiled. They can be supplied straight at a supplement of £5.75 per order (any quantity). Please call us on 01784 473985 if you require this option.

Please note. This string does NOT have a ball end and is not suitable for use in a fine tuner. Please ensure this product meets your requirements prior to purchase.


  • Tungsten and silver on natural gut.
  • Knotted end
  • Medium tension 19.5PM
  • 1PM=0.05mm, e.g. 14PM=0.7mm diameter. Each 1/4 PM increases or decreases tension by 3%
  • Made in Germany
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Customer reviews:

Rating Summary
06/09/2016 20:13
Mosgiel, New Zealand


Love it!
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Pros: The best C string you could ever play! Fantastic depth of tone and beautiful under your fingers. A delight!

Cons: Costly, but well worth it.

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27/02/2014 01:45
Newcastle Under Lyme, United Kingdom


Happy viola depth.
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Pros: The rich and complex tone is gorgeous on my old Dresden viola. I use it with a set of Evahs. The C on the Evahs was too twangy on my viola but this oliv is perfect and works well with the Evahs

Cons: Pricey but you get what you pay for.

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02/10/2014 16:33
Norwich, United Kingdom

Grade 8+

Great String!! Don't let the price put you off!!
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Pros: A really exceptional string. Really complex and a true gut sound... Would recomend for new or old instruments. Have been looking for a good C string for a while now, and I have definitely found it! Seems to match well with obligatos G,D as well as Doninats (some will disagree with me. Due to mixing of gut core and synthetics) but as with most things, strings are a personal tast, so just go for why sounds best to you!

Cons: As expected, gut string = unstable. But much more stable than Oliv and after a good play in of about a week, the seeing is stretched and keeps reasonable pitch.

Other: My C string of choice from now on!

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