Pirastro Eudoxa Rosin

By Pirastro

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Specially formulated to bring out the best from Eudoxa strings. All instruments.


  • Made in Germany
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18/08/2020 19:52
Cambridge, United Kingdom

Keen Amateur

Perfect for Eudoxa strings.

Pros: Works well with the Eudoxa strings with the perfect level of hold for a lovely tone, and at the price, why risk spoiling the tone of such high-quality strings with rosin that is not formulated for that kind of string?

Cons: None

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12/02/2013 11:52
Chatham, United Kingdom

Grade 8+

Experience of rosins on violin bows.
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Pros: Rosin is a very personal choice. Depends on the nature of the bow stick, strings, your style of playing and the music you are mainly wishing to play - and the hair. I am always somewhat reluctant to have to use someone else’s rosin when I have forgotten or misplaced my own. I think you get used to playing with the grip, feel and nature of a particular rosin (I have had the one I use for about 50 years, admittedly I had two identical round blocks of it at the start given to me by an industrial chemist who had access to a small source of quality raw resin at the time!). I recently bought the Eudoxa rosin to keep with another violin and bow which I regularly use. In comparison to what I normally use I find this a slightly stickier dark resin which easily takes well to the hair. It seems to then transfer to the strings just as easily so I needed to take care to avoid a build up of rosin on them. All this said it gives a good control and hold of the string which may or may not suit you. Beware that too much applied, with this property, can sometimes be a contributing factor to A or E string 'whistle'. All that said also take note that I have been using this on a carbon fibre 'Incredibow' which also has synthetic 'hair'! This used by me mainly for 'fiddle' playing and music. I shall continue to use the rosin - but applied sparingly compared to my original rosin. Worth trying as a realistically priced, well presented quality rosin. Durably wrapped in cloth all fixed to a round plastic base in a neat cardboard box. Rosin might, but cardboard probably won't, last for the next 50 years - but then nor will I!

Cons: Inclluded in above

Other: Included in above

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02/05/2011 15:58
Wolverhampton, United Kingdom

Grade 8+

Brill rosin

Pros: Brill product, always have used this rosin as it gives the best smoothness in my bow. Last ages

Cons: Slightly more expensive than other rosins but well worth the money

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17/02/2011 11:54
London, United Kingdom


Very good service
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Pros: Does what it's supposed to do!

Cons: Nothing

Other: Arrived very promptly. Good service, thanks

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