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Pirastro Eudoxa Violin String, A

By Pirastro

4.4 from 18 reviews
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* All strings are ball end, unless otherwise specified.


Pirastro Eudoxa is probably the world's best known violin string and has been a staple of many players over the last 60 years. It is a traditional covered gut string. Aluminium on gut. Nowadays these strings appeal mainly to players who value the unique tonal properties and playing feel of a traditional gut cored string and are prepared to accept the need for more regular tuning and their sensitivity to changes in climatic conditions.

The sheep gut core of Eudoxa strings is manufactured, wound and polished in the traditional way, by hand. Well balanced warm tone with a great diversity of sound. Low string tension and a comfortable left hand feeling ideal for orchestra, chamber music and studio takes.

The Eudoxa A features a ball end for a more secure anchorage in a traditional wooden tailpiece. We do not recommend the use of fine tuners with these strings as they require more regular tuning than synthetic or metal cored strings.

Gut cored Pirastro A. Please note that these strings are very delicate and have a shorter and unpredictable life span compared to other strings. We do not recommend their use by beginners or that they be fitted to instruments not set up by trained and experienced craftsmen.


  • Aluminium wound on natural gut, ball end.
  • 1 PM=0.05mm in diameter. e.g 14PM = 0.7mm diameter.
  • 3% difference in tension for each gauge.
  • Made in Germany
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Customer reviews:

Rating Summary
24/05/2018 09:09
leven, United Kingdom

Keen Amateur

Good service

Pros: Speedy delivery

Cons: Expensive

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22/05/2018 05:34
Ho Chi Minh, Viet Nam

Keen Amateur

It wakes up the whole Eudoxa set.

Pros: Very good A. Responsive, beautiful sound. It brought life and loudness to the whole Eudoxa set. More stable than the lower G &D. The better A for the Eudoxa G & D (better than the Eudoxa Aricore, and better than steel A).

Cons: Nothing

Other: My original string choice was the Eudoxa Rigid G & D. Wonderful strings that I recommend very highly. In the beginning I put a steel A, based on negative comments about this gut A but I coulndn't get used to the break of tone between the A and the D, so I put an Eudoxa Aricore. It was a very good tone and matched well, but I found the whole set "weak" in power. I tried this Eudoxa (the original) and I was inmediatly convinced with it. It has more personality than any of the former A, good response and tone in high positions and, what was more surprising, it woke up the whole set, becoming louder and with more body. Now, I am completely convinced by an EUDOXA combination that includes this A: Rigid G Rigid D Eudoxa Aluminum A Gold Label E. It has volume, body, and a lot of presence. Warm and projecting.

Did you find this review helpful? Yes No

15/05/2018 08:38
Romsey, United Kingdom


Great service, will use you again!

Pros: Good service, strings arrived promptly. Excellent service.

Cons: None

Did you find this review helpful? Yes No

20/02/2017 17:56
York, United Kingdom


Quick easy purchase

Pros: Easy to order and quick delivery

Cons: None

Did you find this review helpful? Yes No

19/12/2016 16:26
Tralee, Ireland


,would recommend strongly to others

Pros: very good service

Cons: nothing to dislike

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09/10/2016 18:09
London, United Kingdom

Grade 8+

Trouble free transaction

Pros: Ordering online was easy and delivery prompt.

Cons: No cons

Did you find this review helpful? Yes No

06/01/2016 18:11
Tenterden, United Kingdom


Product great, postage arrangements not!

Pros: It's a lovely string with warm tone

Cons: For me, always seems to break in the case when left inactive

Other: The package couldn't be delivered until I paid Royal Mail £2 - apparently there was no postage on it. I wasn't in a hurry for the strings but it did delay delivery by 2 or 3 days.

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30/12/2015 16:19
South Petherton, United Kingdom

Keen Amateur

Dependable consistent quality

Pros: Suits my violin and playing. I have used eudoxa for many years and I see no point in changing.

Cons: Feeling pressurised to review

Did you find this review helpful? Yes No

18/09/2014 16:08
Stockport, United Kingdom

Keen Amateur

I like what I know

Pros: Nice round sound and comfortable under the fingers.

Cons: The first one that I have used that has taken more than a day to settle in. It is always WAY flat by the next day. I'm sure it will improve though.

Did you find this review helpful? Yes No

Chris Muscillo
02/04/2014 19:29
Boston, United Kingdom


High end string if ever there was one.

Pros: Like all Eudoxa the A is a true gut string that provides a clear and rich to a quality to instruments, the older violins in particular seem to warm to this type of string. I have used the Eudoxa range for a good few years and I am constantly impressed by the dynamic and depth that this string brings to my instrument.

Cons: Not a string for the beginner nor one that will stay in tune the same way as a modern synthetic. Think about this before purchase.

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