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Pirastro Eudoxa Violin String, D

By Pirastro

4.3 from 6 reviews
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Aluminium on gut.

The sheep gut core of Eudoxa strings is manufactured, wound and polished in the traditional way, by hand. Well balanced warm tone with a great diversity of sound. Low string tension and a comfortable left hand feeling ideal for orchestra, chamber music and studio takes.

This string does NOT have a ball end and is not suitable for use in a fine tuner. Please ensure this product meets your requirements prior to purchase.

Please note these strings are supplied lightly coiled. They can be supplied straight at a supplement of £5 per order. Please call or email for this service

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Customer reviews:

Rating Summary
A Chander
03/10/2011 20:19
London, United Kingdom

Grade 8+

Lovely sound; fiddly to find correct bow pressure
3 out of 4 found the following review helpful

Pros: The sound is wonderfully warm! Intonation is very forgiving and it feels comfortable under the left hand fingers due to its lower tension. Colour range is fantastic and it blends well with the other strings - not as nasal as my previous D. Remarkably stable tuning-wise for a gut string. It's an excellent string for orchestral and chamber music.

Cons: If pushed too much the sound becomes scratchy but one has to apply enough pressure so that the string actually speaks properly - this balance can be tricky to find and it took longer to find with the D than the G string. It does not project as much as synthetic strings either so is less appropriate for solo performance but it will work in the right acoustic with the right technique.

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27/06/2016 16:37
London, United Kingdom


Not a good string
1 out of 1 found the following review helpful

Pros: Not a lot

Cons: Never stays in tune - even after 2 weeks

Other: Poor sound

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10/03/2013 09:16
ORPINGTON, United Kingdom


an excellent string for a beginner
1 out of 1 found the following review helpful

Pros: lovely mellow tone; ready response

Cons: slightly thick

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12/02/2013 10:57
Chatham, United Kingdom

Grade 8+

Personal experience - covered gut violin strings
1 out of 2 found the following review helpful

Pros: If you like the tone quality of gut strings then an aluminium wound string is a comfortable and long lasting variation. Pirastro Eudoxa are very well made and reliable. Available in various weights for all three lower strings - you will have to experiment to find, for each of the three, the one that suits your violin, its set up and your playing (and your ear), but once you know this then the Eudoxa make gives very consistent strings over the long term (decades in my case). Be aware however that gut string are sensitive to moisture and temperature even when finely aluminium wound as these ones are. The sound will vary in different conditions - and moisture in your fingers will also cause some change. Dry and cool circumstances tend to harden the quality of sound; more humid and warmer conditions can be very rewarding. Also remember that as the core is gut - they will eventually break with use - not dramatically so as the winding controls the moment. Usually a break occurs in the case and after quite some usage. I have never had a new or relatively new string break. You are paying for and receiving a very high level of quality control and consistency with these new strings. However it is certainly advisable with gut string to also have a spare and although Stringzone have always given me an extremely fast and reliable service that is not really the answer when the string eventually lets go just before a concert. Finally, gut strings stretch so a new one will take a day or so to settle. I suppose the best prepared player would also keep in the case a part used spare which would ease this problem at important moments when performing. Stringzone's little leaflet on new string fitting and usage is worth reading on the correct tensioning up of new strings.

Cons: all covered in 'pro' comments above

Other: all covered in 'pro' comments above

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18/01/2018 15:11
Leeds, United Kingdom


The right sound
0 out of 1 found the following review helpful

Pros: The string sounds good on my violin

Cons: None

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08/01/2018 19:58
leven, United Kingdom

Keen Amateur

0 out of 1 found the following review helpful

Pros: Good tone

Cons: None

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