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Pirastro Eudoxa-Stiff Violin String, G

By Pirastro

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Eudoxa-Stiff D and G strings sound darker and more powerful than regular Eudoxa strings.

For more information please visit the manufacturer's website, link below

Please note these strings are stored by us straight but shipped lightly coiled. They can be supplied straight at a supplement of £5.75 per order (any quantity). Please call us on 01784 473985 if you require this option.

Product specifications

  • Silver on natural gut, knotted end.
  • Stronger tone than standard.
  • Accepts higher bow pressure
  • Made in Germany
  • 1 PM = 0,05mm e.g 14PM= 0.7mm
  • Visit Manufacturer's Website

Customer reviews:

17/05/2018 04:32
Ho Chi Minh, Viet Nam

Keen Amateur

My favorite G
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Pros: I love this G string. From all the G strings I have tried, is the one that brings a clearer and more responsive G. Deep sound without "boom" and without delay. Before it, I used Tzigane G which was good but felt slow and muddy. Dominant G became weak in high positions. The Rigid Eudoxa provides the perfect resistance to the bow and sings a loud and clear G, full of color even in high positions. Despite some well known "caveats" of gut strings regarding bowing, my experience about this Rigid G is that it is very forgiving (its rigid D "sister", not so much...)

Cons: Absolutely no cons.

Other: Everybody knows that gut strings take longer to settle and are sensitive to humidity and temperature, but I think that those statements are overrated. Tuning gut is a lot easier than synthetic. They answer to the peg smoothly and you can tune back in 2 seconds. Expect the string to take from one to two weeks to stretch, and after that to retune (a couple of seconds) when taking the instrument out of the case. When coming from a hot and humid street to the air conditioned and drier room, they will go sharper, and when coming from cold and dry to hot and humid, they will go flatter. Remember to rub them with your hand (to warm them) some 20 seconds before playing and they will stay in tune along the performance. In exchange for that small preparation, they will give you a better tone and longer playing live than any other synthetic counterpart.

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