Pirastro Korfker Viola Shoulder Rest

By Pirastro

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Custom moldable shoulder rest for the ultimate comfort fit. Lightweight, minimal contact rest in highest quality maple. Adjustable to each individual by bending. Please see the link below to manufacturer's site for full details of this product.


  • First shoulder rest using bendable tone wood which can be adjusted to the shape of the shoulder
  • Offers extensive and very precise personal adjustment of position, height and tilt
  • Brings out a much wider dynamic range from the instrument
  • Allows a wider diversity in articulation
  • Finer variations in string contact can be felt
  • Minimal use of rubber improves sound characteristics
  • Designed to complement the timeless beauty of your instrument
  • Extra of accessories from 2018
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Customer reviews:

09/01/2019 13:41
Buckingham, United Kingdom


A fabulous shoulder rest
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Pros: A violinist I play with has a Pirastro KorfkerCradle Violin Shoulder Rest. I know one is not made for the viola and it would cost an arm and a leg if it were to be. I am very pleased with this rest indeed having had a Mach One which is also a very good rest. The Pirastro Korfker Viola Shoulder rest is very light and whilst not having the advantage of the cradle(!) the feet fit far more securely to my viola than any other rest I have tried. I do not subscribe to the idea of having a high shoulder rest (but there is no doubt you could have this rest high) so I have set it to the minimum height at the chin rest end. I have been adjusting the rest but I have not yet tried bending it, largely because the shape it has suits me very well. This is by far and away the best shoulder rest I have ever used and the flexibility to change the way it sits is unparalleled - I am sure I have many tweaks yet to try! On sound, there is certainly an increase in resonance in the instrument although the Mach One was pretty good in this way - this is certainly far better.

Cons: It is expensive!

Other: OK it is expensive but one would not think twice about spending this much or more on a case - well worth it.

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