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Pirastro Obligato Cello Strings, SET

By Pirastro

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All strings are ball end, full size, and medium tension unless specified.

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Warm, but powerful and well defined sound. Medium tension. Full size cello.

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Customer reviews:

Rating Summary
05/03/2011 15:13
St Albans, United Kingdom

Keen Amateur

Very disappointing - an expensive mistake
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Pros: Nothing

Cons: I was very disappointed with these strings, since they have been highly recommended by friends and colleagues. The original C string sounded dreadful, and had to be replaced. The C and G lacked sonority and immediacy of speaking, and the D and especially the A sounded wiry and harsh. The binding on the A is not wonderful. The strings took a long time (about 2 weeks) to fully stretch, and even now after many weeks they do not stay in tune. Maybe they simply did not suit my cello, but I find that surprising. So I have reverted to my old strings (a different make). All in all, an expensive mistake.

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30/06/2012 17:46
Scotland, United Kingdom


A clear, rewarding sound from these strings
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Pros: Really pleased. The A string is less strident than the Pirastro Permanent I previously had on my 1750 German instrument and the C string has more clarity. C string took about 2 weeks to play in properly but worth the wait.

Cons: No cons as yet

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25/10/2013 21:55
Gloucester, United Kingdom


I will buy Obligato strings again.
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Pros: Very quick response, particulary on the C string. Generous round sound.

Cons: The lower 3 strings took a good 2 weeks to stay in tune. Possible risk of producing too much sound at the expense of quality.

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