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Pirastro Oliv Cello String, D

By Pirastro

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Aluminium wound on natural gut.

Please note. This string does NOT have a ball end and is not suitable for use in a fine tuner. Please ensure this product meets your requirements prior to purchase.


  • Gauged by string diameter: 1PM = 0.05mm e.g. 20PM = 1.0mm
  • Made in Germany
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Customer reviews:

07/01/2019 17:49
Telford, United Kingdom


Difficult to blend with the rest of the set.

Pros: A well-made quality string. It gave a very clear and focused sound.

Cons: It didn't blend well in the rest of my Oliv set and was strident, felt tight to bow and lacked a warm tone.This was on my cello, which needs a lighter string than the lightest Oliv D. I am sure that it would work well on other cellos.

Other: I bought the whole Oliv set and the whole Eudora set of cello strings because I have returned to gut core strings and on my new 1780 English cello, I have been experimenting with different blends and gauges of these strings, to see whet works best. My Oliv set are light string gauge and the strings are stiffer than Eudoxa and the lowest gauge Olivs are thicker than the heaviest Eudoxas. My cello didn't like the Oliv D string when I put the complete set on. The D string was very strident. It is the only string in my set of Oliv's that doesn't work for me and my cello. I am going to try it again at a later date because a friend has suggested that a pure gut A string worked with the rest of the Oliv set and it could calm-down the D string for me. I have purchased a gut A string and currently have it on with my Eudoxas, until I do the trial with the Olivs..

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