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Pirastro Oliv Viola Strings. SET

By Pirastro

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The 'Gold Standard' traditional covered gut string. Full, rich and noble tone.

Set of 4 strings in medium tension with knot ends. Not suitable for fitting to fine tuners. Please see individual strings for low and high tension.

Click here to purchase single strings and other tensions (gauges) and versions.

Recommended for violas with a playing scale of 35-38cm which covers most violas of back length 15-16.5 inches

Please note these strings are supplied lightly coiled. They can be supplied straight at a supplement of £5 per order. Please call or email for this service

Product specifications

  • A-aluminium on natural gut-knot end. 13.75 PM
  • D-gold & aluminium on natural gut-knot end. 16.25PM
  • G-gold & silver on natural gut-knot end. 17 PM
  • C-tungsten & silver on natural gut-knot end. 19.75 PM
  • 1PM=0.05mm e.g. 16PM=0.8mm
  • Made in Germany
  • Visit Manufacturer's Website

Customer reviews:

Rating Summary
04/10/2012 17:16
FALKIRK, United Kingdom


These are quality strings and well worth the price
1 out of 1 found the following review helpful

Pros: These strings have the same feel as gut strings but with a fuller sound.

Cons: I thought they wold be supplied as straight strings.

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23/09/2014 11:21
London, United Kingdom

Keen Amateur

A mistake to change all four at once.....

Pros: The C and G strings are very rich and produce a good sound at all dynamic levels.

Cons: The D string wasn't anything special, but the A string was a disaster. It sounded nasal and harsh even after a couple of weeks of playing in -- by which time it had frayed in six places. I replaced it with the type of string I was using before -- relief!

Other: It certainly wasn't worth splashing out all this money -- and if the strings aren't consistently good it doesn't make sense to replace all four at once. I'll stick with the C and the G until they need changing -- and return to using the strings I was using before trying Pirastro Oliv.

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28/08/2013 08:30
Cambridge, United Kingdom


High quality, low price, speedy delivery, URLworks
0 out of 1 found the following review helpful

Pros: High quality strings Very good price Arrived in the post the day after I placed the order

Cons: No labelled packaging so difficult to store an unused string without it becoming confused with other strings over time

Other: I am delighted I have found The String Zone. I value the reliable,, speedy service and low prices.

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22/05/2013 21:47
FALKIRK, United Kingdom

Keen Amateur

A sympathetic string which responds readily
0 out of 1 found the following review helpful

Pros: These strings play with the characteristics of gut and respond readily to the touch of the bow.

Cons: The A string damages easily particularly where it is pulled over a bend such as the exit from the peg box.

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