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Pirastro Oliv Violin String, D Rigid

By Pirastro

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Oliv label.

Oliv label. Gold-aluminium on gut. Knot end for use in wooden tailpiece 3 tensions Made in Germany

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07/02/2013 13:22
Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Keen Amateur

Expensive but excellent.
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Pros: The range and depth of tone is the best I have ever had from a string. It is both powerful and responsive. Definitely better than the non-rigid Oliv label strings I have had.

Cons: It is even more expensive than the normal Oliv strings, and I expect that like them, it will only last a year before the tone begins to fade. So it's a pricey habit to get into.

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09/08/2016 16:59
Tumba, Sweden


Warmest baritone joy!

Pros: The finest sound of any D-string! Makes You fall in love with the D string, high or low all the same. Favourite!

Cons: Hmm. makes you chose the D string over the other strings...

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