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Pirastro Passione Double Bass String, E 2.10m

By Pirastro

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Chromesteel on steel core. Orchestra tuning. 2.10m extension E

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11/10/2015 12:10
London, United Kingdom


Originals/Flexocores to Passiones = Win

Pros: Immediate sound, soft but bright and punchy. (I had Pirastro Flexocore and Originals before and they were too tight and edgy. Feel slightly thinner under the fingers Quick response I play a mid-C.19th English bass, flat back.

Cons: None, so far...

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14/01/2013 10:00
Abingdon, United Kingdom

Grade 8+

nice string

Pros: Responsive, easy to bow, reasonable pizz

Cons: Can be a little woolly.

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