Pirastro Passione Solo Violin String, A

By Pirastro

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* All strings are ball end, unless otherwise specified.


Soloist standard. Aluminium on natural gut, medium tension only.

Professional quality gut core strings. Medium tension only. Various metals wound on natural gut. Steel E.

Set of four strings in medium tension, ball or loop end E. The modern gut cored string. Old sound, modern stability.

These incredible strings are the latest strings from Pirastro designed to combine the best qualities of synthetic cored strings with the traditional gut sound. True gut sound with plenty of volume plus excellent tonal stability. Recommended rosin: Oliv/Evah Pirazzi.

The gut core of Passione strings is manufactured, wound and polished in the traditional way, by hand. The core sound is full, round and warm, with a complex overtone spectrum combining brilliance and clarity and a great power of projection.

Passione strings possess a fascinating diversity of sounds, which allows musicians to alter their tone as desired. Big and powerful sound with very easy response on all levels of the dynamic range Passione strings have a significantly reduced playing in time compared to other traditional gut strings.

Passione Solo strings are designed to produce extra brilliance and power for the soloist. They have a slightly higher tension than medium tension Passione strings.


  • Aluminium on natural gut
  • Full size medium tension only
  • Made in Germany
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Customer reviews:

Rating Summary
06/01/2020 19:39
Wigan, United Kingdom


The best!

Pros: Would never use any other G, D and A strings! Wonderfully flexible tone -full of colour.

Cons: None

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20/04/2017 20:33
Bofeenaun Ballina, Ireland


Really Happy with Oassione Solo A string

Pros: I have recently changed to Passione Solo strings from Evah Purrazzi Gold and though I loved the Evahs I prefer these I find them so Beautiful and easy to play full of warmth with lots of undertones and great projection. Im very pleased with the A atring and I find it lasted me longer than the Evah A strings I have tried. Im reslly happy with the Passione Solo A string and as part of the Passione Solo set works wonderfully well and balsnced on my JayHaide violin

Cons: Nothing

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22/03/2017 15:33
Walsall, United Kingdom

Keen Amateur

Needs detuning.

Pros: A replacement for a string that broke in storage for a few weeks despite being detuned.

Cons: It broke!

Other: These should be detuned at least a tone before going on holiday.

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14/11/2015 07:25
Walsall, United Kingdom


Good Gut String

Pros: Good noise on the Guareri.

Cons: Slight tendency to unravel near the adjuster. Easily dealt with.

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