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Pirastro Passione Viola String, A Steel

By Pirastro

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Chromesteel on steel core. Removable ball end.

Recommended for violas with a playing scale of 35-38cm which covers most violas of back length 15-16.5 inches

Customer reviews:

Rating Summary
Jon Thorne
05/09/2013 16:09
London, United Kingdom


Best Viola A String
7 out of 8 found the following review helpful

Pros: In my view this is the best Viola A string on the market. Allied with Evah Pirrazi accross the rest of the instrument it gives you great power, resonance and control. Please note I use the soft version of all these strings which I have found gives the best results. I use this set on both my Grancino and my Cappichioni violas

Cons: None.

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15/02/2019 17:11
London, United Kingdom

Grade 8+

Works well for me with Pirazzi for lower strings

Pros: This string was recommended to me by a former teacher, to go with the 3 lower viola strings for which I use Evah Pirazzi, also from Pirastro. I tried it and agreed it gave a more incisive sound than the Evah Pirazzi A without being excessively bright compared to the lower strings. I use it with an A string adjuster. I've bought it ever since when renewing the whole set of strings.

Cons: Nothing much - it's a bit more expensive than buying the 4 Evah Pirazzi strings as a set, but not enough to worry about.

Other: You could spend many months trying out string combinations - but since it's only one component in the instrument / set up / bow / player / accessories complex, there may be more important things to work on than changing the type of strings once you have found something that works for you..

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25/03/2016 17:19
Stockholm, Sweden


My favourite steel A for a "soloist" tone.

Pros: Stable tuning wise. Good tone. Can get loud if you want it to, but never harsh.

Cons: The tone might be a bit too much / too loud for some instruments. One of my violas needs some taming, and I wouldn't use this string on that particular instrument.

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20/11/2014 15:38
FALKIRK, United Kingdom

Keen Amateur

A good balanced string.
1 out of 2 found the following review helpful

Pros: This string is so much superior to Pirastro Viola A Olive. The sound is much more positive and balances well against the 3 other strings which are Olive.

Cons: Nothing to add here.

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