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Pirastro Passione Violin String, G

By Pirastro

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* All strings are ball end, unless otherwise specified.


Sterling silver on natural gut.

Please note this string is made to close tolerances and may not fit on an 'oversize' instrument. Total length of string from top nut to the tailpiece fret should be no more than 386mm. See the Pirastro website, link below, for details or contact us if in doubt.


Customer reviews:

Rating Summary
Tony R
23/08/2012 17:19
Chesham, United Kingdom


Wonderful sound and response.
1 out of 1 found the following review helpful

Pros: I used the Passione g to replace the rather raspy sounding Chorda g on my gut - strung Baroque Violin. I was not disappointed. The quality is warm and solid and it has improved the "feel" of the whole instument considerably.

Cons: None at all - except the price. Didn't stop me immediately ordering a spare though !

Other: Speedy excellent service from Stringzone.

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22/01/2011 23:11
Shrewsbury, United Kingdom


Passione for a sophisticated, complex tone
2 out of 3 found the following review helpful

Pros: Having once tried this string I find it impossible to go back to anything else. The tone is warm and rich and complex.It speaks quickly and effortlessly on my violin and seems to make the whole instrument ring better.

Cons: My only critisism is that it needs more frequent tuning as the gut core makes it a little more sensitive to temperature and humidity changes. It is well worth the effort though.

Other: It seems to be durable too. I dont need to change it any more frequently than other makes.

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08/08/2017 13:13
Newport, United Kingdom

Keen Amateur

Quality string and fast service.

Pros: Quality product.

Cons: No cons as far as I am concerned.

Other: Just upgrading my strings and decided to try the Pirastro Passione G string to see if it suited my 1898 Wolff violin. It has taken some time to settle in so not in a position to judge it yet.

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02/07/2016 08:10
Cowes, United Kingdom


Passione vs Eudoxa

Pros: I decided to try these instead of my usual Eudoxa G&D. I was looking for more stable tuning and was not disappointed in this respect.

Cons: They took a little while to settle down and play in, unlike my usual Eudoxas. The tone is a touch brighter than Eudoxas, although that's not necessarily a bad thing.

Other: The D certainly has the edge on the Eudoxa on my violin.

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27/10/2012 19:34
South-West, France

Keen Amateur

Warm and sensitive. A delight!
2 out of 4 found the following review helpful

Pros: This is the first time I've bought 'Passione' strings (G, D, & A). I started playing 'baroque' violin in 2011 and appreciated the natural 'timbre' of gut strings. Passione strings have provided me with the same 'timbre' on a modern violin (mid 19C) but with a fuller, richer and warmer sound for 'romantic' playing. The G string (the same tension for the others) is soft and comfortable to play). A quality string. I've tried all sorts of strings over the years. To be sure: string manufacture evolves; playing skills evolve. Nevertheless, in over 40 years of adult playing, this is the best responding sound I've ever achieved. Buy them. It's worth the price!

Cons: Read Pirastro's guidelines on their site before buying these strings (especially the G string). When I fitted the G string I thought it was too short but it is specifically designed according to precision violin measurements. Although a modern string, it is truly 'gut'. In the first week after fitting, it stetched 5 mm! Don't be put off. It now fits perfectly. I need to tune on a daily basis (it's basically a gut string).

Other: A sophisticated gut string with that 'edge' when playing. It requires sensitive, careful playing but the rewards a worth it.

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15/06/2011 10:04
Southam, United Kingdom


Pirastro passione trings
1 out of 2 found the following review helpful

Pros: These strings really enhance my violin. The sound is warm & clear & they are very sensitive to different nuances. Having tried many of the strings on the market, these are my strings of choice. The G string is lovely too.

Cons: A small niggle. These strings require more tuning than say dominant strings but not so much as Eudoxa strings.

Other: Buy them.

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04/10/2012 22:55
Southam, United Kingdom


A very good service from the String Zone
0 out of 1 found the following review helpful

Pros: A warm full-toned string.

Cons: replacing it is expensive.

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