Pirastro Tonica Viola String, C

By Pirastro

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Medium scale, (36-38cm), medium tension
2 in stock
Short scale, (under 36cm), medium tension
2 in stock
Long scale, (38-40cm), medium tension
1 in stock
Extra long scale, (up to 43cm), medium tension
1 in stock
Medium scale, (36-38cm), low tension (soft)
2 in stock

* All strings are ball end, unless otherwise specified.


Silver or Tungsten-Silver on synthetic core. All strings are Tungsten-Silver alloy unless described otherwise.

Please refer carefully to the purchase options. Scales refer to the vibrating length of the string measured from bridge to nut.

Sizes refer to the vibrating length of the string NOT the body size. Click small image to see the difference between vibrating length (playing scale) and body size. See below for size recommendations by body size.


  • Short scale under 36cm-Back length under 15"
  • Medium scale 36-38cm - Back length 15"-16,1/4"
  • Long scale 38-40cm-Back length 16,1/4"+
  • Extra long scale, up to 43cm- Back length 17"
  • Back lengths for guidance only
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Customer reviews:

20/01/2014 16:24
Salisbury, United Kingdom

Keen Amateur

Good but not my choice,

Pros: Well made and reasonable price.

Cons: My personal preference is for Larson or Obligato. This is likely to be related to my viola, a Mittenwald old and much loved instrument.

Other: Good service from String Zone.

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