D'Addario Prelude Cello String, A

By D'Addario

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Good quality student strings. Nickel wound, solid steel core, durable and unaffected by temperature and humidity changes.

These strings are accurately sized. Please check the playing scale required by refering to the measurements given below.


  • 1/8 - playing scale 48cm
  • 1/4 - playing scale 54.5cm
  • 1/2 - playing scale 60cm
  • 3/4 - playing scale 65cm
  • Medium tension
  • NIckel wound on steel core
  • Made in USA
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Customer reviews:

Rating Summary
31/05/2012 15:12
Barnet, United Kingdom


An excellent string for the inexperienced player.
2 out of 2 found the following review helpful

Pros: Very good tone quality for the price range in comparison with the other basic strings available for beginners and lower grades.It is important to have an affordable string for the inexperienced player.

Cons: I can't really think of any cons within the restriction of price.

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21/05/2013 13:09
Leeds, United Kingdom


Great sounding strings for the price
1 out of 1 found the following review helpful

Pros: * Takes very little time to settle in * Infinitely better sound quality than the factory strings with which most student instruments are fitted * Good response - really helps young students to get more confident about tone production.

Cons: None

Other: These have become my go-to strings for my beginner and intermediate students. Good tone, quick play-in time and reasonable price.

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08/12/2015 13:50
Poole, United Kingdom

Grade 8+

Reliable company. Highly recommended.

Pros: As ever a good product at a fair price. This string was bought for a decorated cello which I use in a folk band but came with all the quality of service that I have enjoyed before when buying much more expensive strings for my orchestral cellos.

Cons: No problems at all

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25/08/2014 21:51
Birmingham, United Kingdom


I'm sounding better already!
1 out of 2 found the following review helpful

Pros: My previous A string was a Dominant and had a horrible tinny sound to it, plus was very unforgiving when I bowed too closely to the bridge. So I wasn't exactly sad when it snapped. This string in contrast has a much nicer tone, mellower but not too much, and makes a 'soaring' sound when I'm playing well. Really impressed as I didn't want to spend much money so thought I'd end up with an inferior product, but that doesn't seem to be the case at all.

Cons: Nothing!

Other: I found the enclosed leaflet on how to fit the string extremely helpful and managed to do it all by myself (even if it did take time!. Plus the delivery time was very reasonable. Thank you Stringzone, will definitely be using you again.

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21/02/2011 12:09
London, United Kingdom

Keen Amateur

Adequate String for a Beginner Level Instrument

Pros: I bought this string as a replacement for the probably fairly cheap original string on a beginner level cello. I has performed perfectly well for much longer than the original it replaced.

Cons: I don't have enough experience of fitting more expensive strings & the improvements they might bring, but I'm inclined to believe you get what you pay for - this might be described as a "cheap & cheerful" string

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