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Prelude Double Bass Strings, Set

By D'Addario

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Designed with a special stranded steel core to provide optimum playability for developing bassists.

Excellent bow response with a clear, warm tone that blends well with the rest of the orchestra. G, D, A & E orchestra tuning. 106cm 3/4 scale

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Customer reviews:

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18/02/2011 17:47
Folkestone, United Kingdom

Keen Amateur

Good moderately priced strings
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Pros: Nice even tone. Once played in they speak easily - especially in lower register. Nice and clear in thumb position without too much harsh treble. Good price!

Cons: Slightly thick sounding in the higher registers

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09/08/2014 17:54
Worcester, United Kingdom

Keen Amateur

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Pros: Suit my 1/2 size double bass - good sound for folk. Good advice given by sales team.

Cons: None

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