D'Addario Prelude Viola String, G

By D'Addario

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Our recommended string for school violas. Wound steel. 4 sizes.

Sizes refer to the vibrating length of the string NOT the body size. Click small image to see the difference between vibrating length (playing scale) and body size. See below for size recommendations by body size.


  • Size XSM for violas to back length up to 12"
  • Size SM for violas 12"-14"
  • Size MM for violas 14"-16.25"
  • Size LM for over 16.25" back.
  • Made in USA
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Customer reviews:

18/03/2011 10:00
Salisbury, United Kingdom

Keen Amateur

Very good value and quality.

Pros: Very good quality string with sleeve. Comfortable to my fingers,not too thin.Quality of sound attractive for my conserative classical preference. Incredible value.

Cons: Possibly a little bright, highly subjective opinion.My usual G is a Corelli Crystal.

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