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Swedish designed shoulder rest. Simple effective design with padded velvet support. Made in USA. 3 heights available. Folding legs for easy storage.

Heights refer to the lowest point on the pad above the edge of the instrument, NOT the centre of the back.


  • Metal frame
  • 3 heights available
  • Padded velvet support
  • Rubber enclosed legs
  • Made in USA

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Customer reviews:

Rating Summary
Mrs P Dimbleby
19/01/2011 12:15
Brighouse, United Kingdom

Keen Amateur

40 years experience of Resonans
6 out of 6 found the following review helpful

Pros: I've always used Resonans, ever since I was learning myself. It provides excellent support, but is less complicated to set up than some other makes. Easy to put on. Fits in case.

Cons: No real cons.

Other: Make sure the rubber ends are well over the metal supports. No problem then.

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26/05/2013 00:00
London, United Kingdom


Fantastic shoulder rest from the 80s!!
4 out of 4 found the following review helpful

Pros: I recently went to a concert of the Borodin Quartet at Wigmore Hall and with my great surprise I saw the leader of the quartet using one of those Resonans shoulder rest I used as a kid. I decided to get one for fun and old time memories... For a few years now I've suffered from neck and back problems playing long hours and have tried many models of shoulder rest available! Well, it was an unbelievable experience! I practiced several hours on the day of arrival and by miracle I didn't feel any pain!! I guess back in the 80s things were much simpler and straight to the point! The rest provides an ample support, and makes you hold the violin in a correct way. The feet are not adjustable in height so you have to choose a suitable model, but I would advise not to go for the tallest otherwise your shoulder will loose contact with the violin. This will now be the only shoulder rest I'll use till I stop playing the violin!

Cons: Things you need to know about this rest: 1. on arrival it'll look larger than a full size violin, so you'll have to gently bend the metal bits from both sides until it's a bit smaller than the back of the violin so it'll fit perfectly with a little stretch outwards. Make sure you do this from the lowest part and not just bending the feet. 2. with time the black rubber will need to be replaced otherwise the metal feet will dig into your violin varnish first and later into the wood!! So be very vigilant on this! 3. Although the feet are designed to be bent to put the rest away in the violin case, with time they may become loose, so try not to collapse the feet and keep the rest ready up at all time.

Other: The service was amazingly fast like always!!

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19/09/2012 17:13
Aberdeen, United Kingdom


Excellent value shoulder rest
4 out of 4 found the following review helpful

Pros: I bought this to replace an old resonans violin shoulder rest that I knew was comfortable.

Cons: The new shoulder rest needs to be 'broken in' a bit to make it more comfortable!

Other: The String Zone service was great - I ordered online one evening and the package arrived 36 hours later.

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25/11/2014 22:07
Raisio, Finland


If you are lucky it suits you..
2 out of 2 found the following review helpful

Pros: The area in contact with the shoulder is broad unlike many of the Kun models. The prize of a Resonans is about a third of the price of a Kun Brava.

Cons: More or less impossible to alter. The height and the form are what they are, so you are lucky if it fits you. The quality of the rubber of the feet could be better, i.e. thicker and less slippery. It is of course possible to change that detail yourself if you find the right kind of rubber tube.

Other: I have used a Resonans many years ago and wanted to try one again. Now I am more critical of it. There is no shoulder rest that satisfies everybody. Just now my favourite is a Wolf Primo.

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Mrs McCallum
14/12/2016 11:41
Saffron Walden, United Kingdom


Affordable & comfortable rest

Pros: This is an affordable,comfortable rest I have used this style of rest for many years It comes in 3 heights but you do need to know which one you require before ordering

Cons: The rubber feet perish it would be good if a set of 4 could be sent with the rest when it is purchased as the metal feet do considerable damage to the violin

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14/07/2015 09:03
Northwood, IoW, United Kingdom

Keen Amateur

Uncomplicated & reasonably priced. Perfect !

Pros: The simplest and possibly the cheapest form of shoulder rest available, but for me it is perfect. Comes in three 'heights' and I prefer the highest which is a 'number 3'. Easily adjustable by simply 'bending' the legs to suit the violin.

Cons: For me, in has 'no' cons

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30/10/2011 13:35
Maldon, United Kingdom


comfortable and easy shoulder rest

Pros: It is comfortable when play the violin and it was a good price

Cons: One of the legs was wobble and would not stay straight

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04/06/2018 16:22
Bickley, United Kingdom

Keen Amateur

Too big for violin
0 out of 1 found the following review helpful

Pros: Easy to fit and pack awsy

Cons: Did not fit violin, was too big. No way to make it smaller to fot

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01/01/2013 16:12
Truro, United Kingdom


Badly fitted
0 out of 2 found the following review helpful

Pros: Comfortable,

Cons: Did not fit a full size violin!

Other: I don't understand how you can sell this rest as a full size one! It is too big, probably it is really a viola rest.

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29/12/2015 08:09
West Bridgford, United Kingdom

Keen Amateur

0 out of 3 found the following review helpful

Pros: Nothing!

Cons: Disappointed with this. It's rather insubstantial and doesn't fit properly even when bending the side pieces in.

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