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Roth Sihon Cello Mute

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Long established sliding mute which stays on the instrument.

Sliding fit, non rattling mute.

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18/01/2011 11:23
London, United Kingdom


Not a fan
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Pros: It looks nicer than the Tourte mutes, and doesn't make any sound when you move it.

Cons: It killed a lot of the resonance of my cello when not in use so in the end I had to ditch it. Maybe it works differently with different instruments, but I wouldn't really recommend this.

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06/10/2017 17:30
Upminster, United Kingdom

Keen Amateur

Silent when not in use. Low level of damping.

Pros: Main advantage of this type of mute, for me, was that it doesn't t vibrate nosily against the bridge when not in use. Fits easily and look good.

Cons: It does change the timbre but is not as damping as the Torte mutes I have. But that can be an advantage

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16/04/2017 10:45
Doncaster, United Kingdom

Keen Amateur

Good purchase, with a nice sound

Pros: Easy to use, and creates a really nice sound when you use it

Cons: None

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30/11/2015 15:25
Dorset, United Kingdom

Keen Amateur

good against wolf notes

Pros: On advice from a friend I bought this as a wolf note suppressor rather than a mute, and it does that job really well. I don't plan to use it as a mute as that would mean moving it and possibly losing the wolf note benefit!

Cons: none

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Mrs Curror
27/03/2014 16:32
Paignton, United Kingdom


Great product - no instructions on how to put it o

Pros: It helped to damp down a 'wolf' vibration very successfully.

Cons: Neither I nor my cello teacher knew how to put it on; instructions would have been good.

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