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Shield or Menuhin Mute for Violin/Viola by Alpine Mute Co.

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Artist black (plain)
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Professional Black (brass insert)
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Professional, translucent white (brass insert)
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Professional model with brass insert is the most effective whilst the standard Artist model offers similar performance at a reduced price.

Product specifications

  • Shield shape.
  • Stays in situ when not in use.
  • Professional model with brass insert for maximum warmth of tone and muting performance.

Customer reviews:

Rating Summary
25/11/2014 13:15
Neston, United Kingdom


Effective and good quality
4 out of 4 found the following review helpful

Pros: This is very effective and does not overly affect the quality of the sound whilst still muting the volume.

Cons: It can rattle a little if you do not push it back towards the tailpiece.

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11/07/2014 18:25
Manchester, United Kingdom


Best sounding mute
3 out of 3 found the following review helpful

Pros: Does not vibrate when not in use, unlike the traditional "Tourte" style. Allows more overtones to be heard. Good sound.

Cons: Expensive for a small piece of plastic and a bit of brass.

Other: Very good service, as usual.

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Mr Simon Cosstick
30/10/2014 17:54
Sittingbourne, United Kingdom

Keen Amateur

Surprisingly effective for its size.
2 out of 2 found the following review helpful

Pros: Small and unobtrusive. Doesn't rattle or seem to vibrate when not in use.

Cons: It is a lot smaller than I had thought it should be....but it does the job.

Other: If you want bling, look elsewhere. I was initially underwhelmed when I first handled it...but after using it, it certainly does the job nicely.

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10/09/2018 12:24
Southampton, United Kingdom

Keen Amateur

good but expensive mute option

Pros: simple and effective - also good tone

Cons: None

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04/09/2018 20:58
Greenock, United Kingdom

Keen Amateur

Worth the money. Does what it needs to do.

Pros: The "Shield or Menuhin Mute for Violin/Viola by Alpine Mute Co." has served me perfectly since purchase. During some last minute prep. for my local youth orchestra before a residential trip. I had to make a quick purchase as I discovered a 'con sordino' marking in the music which I had somehow missed every other time I read the music. At the time, the Shield Mute on TheStringZone was the cheapest option I could find which seemed to give the best value for money - based on the already given reviews. Thanks to TheStringZone's 1-3 Business Days option of delivery - and the time of day which I placed my order - I received my mute in the post the very next day. Just as the title of the product says; this mute really is a Violin/Viola mute. As someone who plays both these instruments, I have had many times where 'con sord.' playing was necessary and this mute is as of yet to let me down.

Cons: None

Other: While I have no problem with the muted tone of my instruments when using this mute I cannot say that everyone will be satisfied in the same way I am - although this is a point I could make on every product I buy as it's all down to individual taste in the end.

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25/08/2017 07:14
Walsall, United Kingdom

Keen Amateur


Pros: Neat and unobtrusive. Stays on the instrument. while being easy to apply and disapply in play.

Cons: Price.

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31/07/2017 13:37
Wirral, United Kingdom

Keen Amateur

Good tone but very fiddly to use.

Pros: When in position this mute is secure and produces a better tone than others I have tried. That is why I bought it, after trying one belonging to a friend.

Cons: When not in use and pushed back it rattles and creates weird noises. The instructions say push it well back to stop rattles but it won't go over the binding on the ends of the it remains loose. I therefore have to remove it completely when not is use, which is awkward - I have dropped it several times and nearly lost it down the 'f' hole.

Other: I love the sound but am disappointed by the impracticality of this mute. For the price I think it should be much easier to use.

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18/07/2017 16:32
Launceston, United Kingdom


Menunhin Mute for Violin - a good buy for G5

Pros: Great value, easy to fit and use; allows the sound of the strings to be gently muted without spoiling to sound. Made all the difference to G5 piece "The Holy Boy"! Also attractive when fitted - does not detract from the appearance of the violin in any way.

Cons: It needed to be removed when not in use if the piece required a really full sound, because even when pushed right back from bridge, it still affected the resonance a little.

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23/02/2017 07:12
Walsall, United Kingdom


Excellence - at a price..

Pros: Easy to fit and remove, small, neat and unobtrusive; lives on the instrument. Quite easy to activate and deactivate. Provides a useful degree of muting, especially at high frequencies, without adversely affecting the sound of the instrument.

Cons: Overpriced! Hence only 4.

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15/09/2016 11:00
Wirral, United Kingdom

Keen Amateur

Good sound, useful for playing in small spaces!

Pros: Good sound, and no flutter sounds when not in use

Cons: Finish

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