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Thomastik Special Programme Violin String, E Steel

By Thomastik

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Sonder Programm: Multi layered tinned carbon steel.

The steel version produces a powerful, brilliant and focused sound. The goldplated version (separate product) produces a warm sound with maximum corrosion resistance whilst retaining clarity.


Customer reviews:

Rating Summary
08/10/2014 08:55
Mold, United Kingdom

Keen Amateur

Excellent sounding E string that plays easily.
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Pros: I found a string set which I particularly liked on my violin, but unfortunately with these strings I found the E was slightly prone to squeaking. Rather than try a complete new set I thought I'd try one of these special E's. Turned out to be the perfect answer. Match's well with the other strings, gives a beautiful sweet tone with good projection, AND not a hint of squeaking. Given the low price, good playability, and the fact that they last really well and hold there tune, whats not to like. I've used a few of these now, and just change the E to a new one of these each time I change strings. If your not happy with your current E its worth trying these.

Cons: I find the string darkens where my fingers touch it. This happens within a few days of fitting. However it never gets any worse and dosen't effect the tone so not really a problem. I guess something in my skin reacts with the tin coating.

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Adrian Shearing
03/06/2013 16:07
Torrington, United Kingdom


Fells like a quality string, lasts, stays in tune
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Pros: A good quality string. Has more resonance and presence than a std dominant e string. Sings in the higher registers. Stays in tune. What more could you ask for?

Cons: None

Other: Looking for a string that sounds good, stays in tune, does the job and lasts, playing in sweaty pubs and clubs etc, demanding environments, Dominants are a good choice. Find that you have to play in for a few days to get the best sound. But consistent quality.

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25/11/2014 14:50
Bournemouth, United Kingdom


New string failure replaced immediately
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Pros: Seemed a very good price

Cons: Broke after a few days

Other: But - I have been impressed by the Stringzone's immediate replacement of the string which hopefully will perform well.

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