Thomastik Spirocore Double Bass String, E

By Thomastik

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Chrome wound on spiral core. Various sizes Orchestra tuning as listed.

Customer reviews:

13/11/2013 12:12
preston, United Kingdom

Keen Amateur

Jazz/arco. Loud, growl, deep bass, good sustain!
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Pros: I find this string, after about three weeks to be really opening up. I find I'm getting a good balanced sound with the other strings, and I'm confident to be playing and using up to C#. I think as I've bowed this string for about 1/2 the time it's has opened up well! I like the deep dark bass, which amplifies really well with an underfoot pickup. The arco is in my opinion exellant, and there is t a great difference in volume between pizz/arco. Loud, good growl and long sustain. A nice upgrade from my ancient superflex! I think I'd be pushed to find an E that would satisfy my need for a hybrid string that is 50/50 arco/pizz, 50/50 acoustic/amped!

Cons: A bit stiff to start. Thumb position not really an option. A bit wooly at first but is opening up after a good bit of bowing!

Other: I understand why there's a Spirocoe mega thread on talk bass!

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