Thomastik Spirocore Double Bass String, G

By Thomastik

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Chrome wound on spiral core. Various sizes Orchestra tuning as listed.

Available in 3/4 scale (106cm) or 4/4 scale (110cm) . Please consult the options list for available scales and tensions.

Customer reviews:

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22/07/2015 08:29
Penarth, United Kingdom


A1 Service.
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Pros: Fast delivery - ordered one day and here the next, which was perfect to replace a damaged string. Well packaged. The rest of the strings are Spirocore Weich. The new string took only a couple of days to settle in and sound like the others. Good price, too.

Cons: Everything was as expected or better.

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07/06/2021 20:13
St Saviour, United Kingdom



Pros: Great service. Great strings

Cons: None

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11/11/2013 20:49
preston, United Kingdom

Keen Amateur

A good hybrid string, big sound, great amplified!
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Pros: I have a string length of 103cm, and have 3/4 string designed for 106. Hence tension drops slightly. Quite a percussive thump, but also some puff. Thump can be increased or decreased if amped. Starts with the bow well and harmonics really easy to find, and play. Good sustain, which can be dragged out with vibrato. Almost gut like in higher positions due to the tension (mittel). Well balanced sound with the rest of the set. Only been on the bass two weeks so about a year to early to give a proper review! Would definately replace with the same string if I had to!

Cons: The tension does seem to be high for a D compared to the A. When I first put it on I thought I had been sent a stark! But it does seemed to have settled in after a bit of pizz/arco, and it's only been on two weeks. If you don't like high tension and your string length is more than 103 you might want to try weich. I wouldn't mix weich/mittel personally. So initially feel a bit stiff, but starting to settle in after only two weeks.

Other: Considering these have a poor reputation for arco, I haven't found that at all. You do however need to be pretty accurate with bow placement, pressure, speed etc., but I'm managing to get some great legato strokes with a minimal arm weight, and getting a nice singing vibrato.

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