Spirocore Cello String, A

By Thomastik

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Spiral steel core. Chrome or aluminium wound.

Hi-tech, top grade, spiral steel core strings.
Spirocore strings have a flexible spiral steel core. This core has greater elasticity than that of conventional strings, which means less inertia and a higher propensity to musical vibration.

Customer reviews:

13/05/2013 11:45
Norwich, United Kingdom

Keen Amateur

Disappointing considering their Cs & Gs.
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Pros: Disappointing, considering the reputation of their C & G strings.

Cons: It sounded too bright on my instrument.

Other: Having recently had a new bridge made for my instrument, the Larsen already on there now sounded far too 'screechy'. I bought a selection of A's to try but the Spirocore wasn't the best suited. It demonstrated that, no matter how many reviews you read, it's very difficult to know what will sound best on your particular instrument. I wish that 'string trials' were more widely available at luthiers, which could circumvent a very expensive process.

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